Master's Degree In Integrated Content Learning In Foreign Languages ​​(AICLE)

Universidad de La Laguna

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Master's Degree In Integrated Content Learning In Foreign Languages ​​(AICLE)

Universidad de La Laguna

The Master's Degree in Integrated Content Learning in Foreign Language (AICLE) that is proposed here completes the formative proposal of the Degrees offered by the Faculties of Philology (Degree in Modern Languages) and Education Sciences (Degree in Early Childhood Education and Degree in Primary Education) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and the Degrees of the Faculty of Humanities (English Studies) and Education (Degree in Early Childhood Education and in Primary Education) of the Universidad de La Laguna , and also precedes the research specialization that is intended to be completed with the future offer of Doctorate courses.

Professional outings

  • Teaching staff with specialization in bilingual content and foreign language integration programs (AICLE / CLIL).
  • Teaching staff specialized in teaching second languages.


General competitions

  • Plan, develop and evaluate the teaching and learning process, promoting educational processes that facilitate the acquisition of the competences of the respective teachings, attending to the level and previous formation of the students, as well as the orientation of the same, both individually and in collaboration with other teachers and professionals of the center.
  • Search, obtain, process and communicate information, transform it into knowledge and apply it in the teaching and learning processes in the specific subjects studied.
  • Know and use the different didactic resources available, especially those provided by information and communication technologies.
  • Specify the curriculum that will be implemented in a teaching center participating in the collective planning of the same; develop and apply didactic methodologies both group and personalized, adapted to the diversity of students.
  • Design and develop learning spaces with special attention to equity, emotional education and values, equal rights and opportunities between men and women, citizenship training, equal opportunities and non-discrimination due to disability, accessibility universal and design for all and respect for human rights that facilitate life in society, decision-making and the construction of a sustainable future.
  • Knowing the processes of interaction and communication, mastering social skills and abilities necessary to promote learning and coexistence, and address problems of discipline and conflict resolution.

Specific competences

  • Communicate in English fluently and correctly, orally and in writing. CE2. Improve the level of English B.2 and approach C1, according to the Common European Framework of Languages .
  • Develop and carry out dynamics of communicative practices of various kinds. CE4. Know and apply the method of cooperative work in the dynamics of the class. CE5 Use ICT for the competence learning of the English language
  • Acquiring a basic level of C1 for the teaching of CLIL teaching in schools, according to the Common European Framework of Languages.
  • Develop and realize dynamics of communicative practices characteristic of the 22 CLIL methodology.
  • Use ICT for the competence learning of the English language based on the CLIL methodology.
  • Know the basics of CLIL didactics.
  • Knowing how to distinguish the CLIL methodology from learning by content. CE11 Analyze CLIL learning models.
  • Know the theoretical-practical developments of the teaching and learning of the corresponding subjects from the CLIL approach.
  • Transform the curricula into work and CLIL work programs.
  • Acquiring selection criteria and elaboration of AICLE educational materials.
  • Integrate training in audiovisual and multimedia communication in the teaching-learning process CLIL .
  • Know strategies and evaluation techniques and understand the evaluation as an instrument of regulation and encouragement to the effort.
  • Effectively teach the basic instrumental contents from the CLIL approach. CE18. Design and develop teaching processes for the development of basic competences within the CLIL methodology.
  • Be able to bake, impart and evaluate the subjects corresponding to the specialization .

Admission profile

This Master is aimed at graduates of any specialty, with a certification / accreditation level B2 of English, who wish to specialize in the integrated teaching of English and content for the stages of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate.

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