Master's Degree in Cognition and Human Evolution (MCEV)

Universidad de las Islas Baleares - UIB

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Master's Degree in Cognition and Human Evolution (MCEV)

Universidad de las Islas Baleares - UIB

What does it consist of?

The Master in Cognition and Human Evolution provides interdisciplinary training for the study of cognitive abilities and the forms of social organization characteristic of our species. The aim is to provide an up-to-date view of current knowledge about human cognitive and social evolution, as well as to instruct in the research techniques of the more nuclear disciplines to the program (anthropology, psychology, philosophy). The master's degree is promoted by three research groups of the UIB:

  • Policy, Work and Sustainability (PTS):
  • Neuropsychology and Cognition (Neurocog):
  • Evolution and Human Cognition (Evocog):

What will you learn?

The master's degree emphasizes training as a researcher. Depending on the degree obtained and the project, a specialization in the most appropriate techniques and methods in each case is proposed (cognitive psychology, social and political sciences, cognitive neuroscience).

In general, skills are acquired to understand the processes of human evolution, the anthropological characterizations of current groups, the existing relationships between cognitive processes and brain structures, and the foundations of human social life.

What can you do when you're finished?

It is designed both for students who have finished their studies and who are eligible for a predoctoral fellowship and a career as researchers, as well as for graduates and professionals who wish to obtain training to investigate in this interdisciplinary field.

Access to other studies and professional opportunities

The Master's Degree in Cognition and Human Evolution guarantees access to the Doctoral Program in Cognition and Human Evolution of the UIB. It allows to continue towards multiple doctoral programs, depending on the methodology developed in the TFM. The research qualification offered by the master can be of professional interest in multiple areas.

Structure of the studies

First trimester (Trunk module)

  • Human evolution
  • Evolution of the Mind
  • Theory of Evolution
  • Cognition and Brain
  • Socialization processes
  • Research training

Second quarter

Made up of the following modules:

Modeling of complex systems. Cognitive psychology Cognitive neuroscience of higher functions. Socialization processes in the contemporary world.

Electives of advanced research training:

  • Advanced research in social and political studies
  • Advanced research in experimental psychology
  • Advanced research in cognitive neuroscience

Electives of free choice

Master's Thesis (Module)

It is the key element of research training. The work must have the format of a scientific article, thought to be published in a magazine.

Admission profile and admission criteria

An initial numerus clausus of 20 places is established. The Academic Committee of the degree will examine the curricula of the candidates who have pre-enrolled in the master's degree in order to decide if it is appropriate or not to grant them the right to enroll, according to the entry profiles and the pre-requisite training requirements. . If the number of relevant candidates established in the numerus clausus is exceeded, the Academic Committee of the degree will prepare a hierarchical list of merits of the candidates according to the following criteria:

  • Academic record
  • Publications in specialized journals on the subject of the master's itinerary
  • Scholarships obtained
  • Assistance to congresses and seminars
  • Other academic merits
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish
  • English

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Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2019
1 year
Full time
1,653 EUR
Price applicable to nationals of the Member States of the European Union and residents of the Spanish State
Spain - Palma, Balearic Islands
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Spain - Palma, Balearic Islands
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