In the 21st century, far from having detached us from the past, the memory of what we were is one of the most burning battlefields.

We are what we remember, what we tell ourselves we were and what our ancestors died for. Thousands of years ago, people in the Middle East decided to put in writing, for the first time in history, the questions that do not expire.

This is how the Bible was born. These universal texts have had a decisive influence on the way we live, how we think, and how we hope and survive not only in religious traditions that accept them as sacred texts but, above all, in paintings, literature, films, music, ideas, etc., which are part of the universal culture and heritage.

All that vast tradition today can be re-read critically, knowing the context and original meaning of those texts, their subsequent interpretations and manipulations, as well as the possibilities offered to contribute to a more just and pacified world.

Participant profile

This master is aimed at:

  • Communication professionals, publishers and travel agencies
  • Those who work in Christian community animation and in situations of multiculturalism
  • University graduates who wish to receive a historical-cultural formation of the Bible as a complement to their own university education.

Blended Learning Modality

The Program combines on-line training, through the ALUD platform of the University of Deusto with the scheduled face-to-face sessions:

  • 1 week in the first semester (from 10 to 15 September 2018) 5 Saturdays (1 a month)
  • 1 week in the second semester (from February 4 to 8, 2019) 5 Saturdays (1 a month)

Final Master's Project

The Final Master's Project includes the completion, presentation of a report and defense before a court of an individual and comprehensive project on the history and influence of the Bible in which the competences acquired in the teachings are synthesized and those corresponding to this subject are developed. . Its nature can be researcher or professional depending on the orientation that the student wants to emphasize in their training. The defense will be public. The Master's Department will establish the procedure for its organization, regulations, assignment of tutors, monitoring, evaluation, reports, defense and dates.

The Final Master's Project for those who want a research or teaching orientation can be oriented towards the following lines:

  • Influence of the Bible on cultures
  • Biblical hermeneutics and fundamental theology / Theological developments of exegesis.
  • Origins of Christianity and Biblical research

The Final Master's Project for those who want a more practical or professional orientation can be integrated in one of these lines:

  • Design of a current reading course about a biblical book or tradition
  • Impact of biblical traditions on the problems of gender, violence and sexual inequality
  • He studied critical of the traces of biblical interpretations throughout history
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