Master of Urban Design


Program Description

Master of Urban Design

Faculty of Planning – CEPT University

India’s rapid urbanization and the resultant transformation of urban areas poses great challenges to the existing approaches to design of public domain in cities. This also creates an opportunity to imagine the future scenarios of cities with a strong focus on design with functionality, livability, and sustainability.

Master of Urban Design (MUD) is intended for individuals who have a strong interest in the practice of shaping the physical form of urban areas and in the design of public places.

Design studios are at the center of the MUD program which engages multiple design topics that cut across a variety of scales and urban scenarios. The studio exercises are structured around real-life projects emerging from the public discourse within a given city. These projects will be predominantly concerned with the design of new neighborhoods, urban regeneration, and design of public places.

As there is a growing interest in improving quality of our cities, there is an urgent need for professionals who can imagine and improve the everyday urban life of the urban dwellers through better design of the physical environment. MUD program pedagogy reciprocates this dynamic urban scenario in preparing design professionals equipped to take on this urban challenge.

Note: Name of the program is subject to the approval of UGC.


Minimum Qualifications & Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (B.Arch) or equivalent, recognized by the Council of Architecture (COA), India with a minimum of 55% aggregate marks for general category candidates and 50% aggregate marks for reserved category candidates.


Sanctioned Intake: 36

Admission Procedure

Evaluation Process of applications received

The evaluation process is structured in four stages. Following are the details of the same.

Stage 1 - Scrutiny of Eligibility

All applications received will be scrutinized based on information provided/uploaded in the application forms. This scrutiny is to check whether the applicant meets eligibility criteria mentioned above [section 1(C)]. Only those applicants who meet this eligibility criterion will be considered for Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Pre-qualifying stage of applicants to be selected for Stage 3:

This stage includes shortlisting of applicants qualifying for Personal Interviews. Note that all eligible applicants will not automatically qualify to reach Stage - 3. The shortlisting will be based on a merit list prepared using the following criteria:

Criterion Sr. No. Evaluation Aspect Weightage
1 Average Cumulative Percentage of all semesters of Qualifying Degree (CGPA)* 20%
2 Work Experience** 5%
Total 25%


* In case the final semester results are pending then percentages – CGPA till the penultimate semester will be considered.

** This complete proportion of the marks shall only be given to applicants with a minimum of 12 months of work experience. The cut off for counting work experience shall be considered as the last date of submission of applications.

At the conclusion of Stage 2, a shortlist of applicants equal to three times the available seats will be prepared according to the order of merit. This evaluation will be a conclusion of 25% of the total weightage. Please note that at this stage no cut-off is applied to applicants belonging to reserved category(ies) and therefore all the applicants of reserved category(ies) fulfilling the eligibility criteria shall be called for the Stage - 3 processes.

Stage 3 – Evaluation through Documents submitted and Personal Interview:

All shortlisted applicants will be considered for Stage 3, conducted in two Parts. Stage 3 (A) will involve evaluation of Portfolio and Statement of Purpose submitted by the applicant. Applicants will not be invited to be present at this Stage.

Stage - 3(A) Internal Academic Assessment

Stage-3(A) will be an internal academic assessment of the following criteria

Criterion Sr. No. Evaluation Criteria Weightage
3 Quality of content and overall design - Portfolio of creative work 30%
4 Statement of Purpose 5%
Total 35%

This evaluation will be a conclusion of the 35% of the total weightage.

Stage-3(B) Personal Interview

Stage-3(B) will involve a personal interview. The applicants will be required to remain present on the interview day. Please note that Skype and other online options for communication for interview are not available for applicants. The following criteria will be considered for grading the balance 40% of the weightage.

Criterion Sr. No. Evaluation Criteria Weightage
5 Capacity to demonstrate a clear connection between submitted material and the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the same 10%
6 Effectiveness in communication 10%
7 Awareness and understanding of the current urban scenario 10%
8 Quality and relevance of work experience with respect to the prior field of study 10%
Total 40%

This evaluation will be a conclusion of the final 40% of the total weightage.

Stage 4 - Preparation of Merit List:

A consolidated merit list will be prepared by adding the grades of Stage 2 [25%] and Stage 3 with Stage 3(A) [35%] and Stage 3(B) [40%].

Submissions with MUD applications:

i. Academic Transcripts:

Applicants receiving grades as GPA/CGPA need to send the document indicating a relationship of GPA/CGPA with percentage marks as per their university/institute along with all the mark sheets.

ii. Work Experience Certificates:

Applicant’s work experience after graduation is noted in months. Work experience should be supported by relevant proofs in the application form e.g. Experience certificate either by the employer or a self-certificate in case of practice

iii. Portfolio of creative work

  • A portfolio is required to be submitted for applicants of the MUD program in two formats – 1. hard copy and 2. digital format (both must contain the same information)
  • The portfolio may contain up to a maximum of 12 numbers of A4 size pages of design content. Please note that your portfolio may not be reviewed if the submission is more than 12 pages. The title page and table of contents, if included, shall not be counted towards the 12 pages of content. The portfolio should showcase the best work and will be judged on both content and overall design. Applicants must clearly identify the material that is not entirely theirs by providing due credits
  • The Portfolio must be saved as a single file in PDF format and submitted. The file size must be no larger than 12MB.
  • The hard copy of the portfolio of A4 sheets shall be unbound separate A4 sheets

iv. Statement of Purpose:

This is your academic statement. This should include a description of why you intend to pursue your proposed subject, why you want to study at CEPT University, and how our program can help you achieve your professional goals.

Fees & Financial Aid

Fees for Academic Year 2018-19 will be updated soon.

Student Financial Aid

Please be informed that you can avail Pre Admission Scholarship (Means cum Merit) by filling up the scholarship form. Scholarships ranging from 25% to 75% of the annual tuition fee will be awarded to selected students from among the eligible applications.

The last date for submission of Scholarship is 20th April 2018

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

  • Students with family income less than Rs. 10 lacs per annum are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Recipients of the scholarship will continue to receive the scholarship for the full duration of the program subject to maintaining a minimum 2.7 SGPA (the equivalent of B-) in every semester and completing all courses in the first attempt.

Important Instructions:

  • University holds the right to reject the scholarship application, in case of absence of any required supporting documents to be submitted by the applicant.
  • The award of the Scholarship will be announced along with your Admission Offer Letter, however, the amount will be disbursed after one month from the beginning of semester/lectures.

For any further clarification in this regard please contact Admissions Office in below mentioned contact details.

Admissions Office

Phone: 1800-270-4030


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