We live in a world of cities, and our planet is increasingly urban. Cities are the new engines of the global economy, and at the same time, they can be the main actors to face the challenges of climate change and fight against inequality and poverty. If in the past we lived through stages in which the world was organized by empires and then by nation-states, in the future we will live increasingly in a world of cities, in a world of SuperCities.

We are living an unprecedented "digital revolution" at the confluence of 4 megatrends that are cloud computing, mobile devices, social networks and intelligence applied to "Big Data". We have never had more computing capacity or easier access to information, or better physical and digital communication options and this is changing the way people live, work, have fun, learn and relate. Politics, the economy, society, and of course cities are also changing, which today enjoy opportunities that previously didn’t exist.


1 Year

With this Supercities programme, we’ll be preparing a new generation of leaders who aspire to transform the world through cities. Leaders who can be integrated into innovation projects promoted by cutting-edge technology companies in the field of Cities, or develop as entrepreneurs in a disruptive environment in which they will create their own startups through multidisciplinary collaboration.

The training and experience acquired by the students of the Supercities programme will also allow them to collaborate with development banks, multinational organizations and urban agencies working in the field of design and construction of the cities of the future.


  • Intelligent Territories: FutureCities Megatrends
  • CityRegions and Territorial Diamonds
  • Streetwear: Reinventing the Centre of Cities
  • Digital City and Ecosystems of Innovation
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Eco-Urbanism & Urban Landscape
  • Global Connectivity in Future Cities
  • Intelligent Mobility Solutions in Cities
  • “City Solutions LAB” @Ecobox

Programme Leadership

Alfonso Vegara

Founder and honorary president Fundacion Metropoli

Alfonso Vegara is the Founder and Honorary President of Fundacion Metropoli, an international center of excellence dedicated to research, design, and innovation in cities around the world. Fundacion Metropoli has an alliance with Microsoft in order to work in different cities of the world at the intersection between Territory and Technology. In 2016, the institution ended the project “Caribbean Diamond of Colombia” which has been awarded by the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in 2015 as the “Innovative Idea Award of the Year”, and also with the prestigious “2017 Global Award for Excellence” by the International Society of City and Regional Planners.

The focus of Alfonso Vegara’s work is to promote strategic values of cities and their future opportunities in a complex and interrelated world. His ideas and projects are presented in the books he has written: “Territorios Inteligentes” and the recently “Supercities. The Intelligence of Territory”; this last publication received the Gerd Albers Award for best book of 2016 by ISOCARP.

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Last updated March 12, 2019
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