Master of Social Sciences in Organisational Psychology and Education Management (OPEM)


Program Description


Major Features of MSocSc in OPEM

  • Provides the best of both worlds: A pioneering and practical programme offering “Psychology+ Management” training in the education context.
  • An eye-opener to the world: plenty of opportunities to participate in diverse experiential learning activities, such as regional visit, international conference, and study abroad opportunities in top universities such as Bath and Oxford.
  • A flexible course in career and study mode: students in full-time work can opt for the weekend mode of study.
  • A dedicated teaching team with renowned scholars and experienced practitioners
  • Lingnan University: A top 10 liberal arts college in Asia (Forbes 2015) and one of the top 100 universities in Asia (QS Asia University Rankings 2018)

Programme Highlights

An effective pathway to becoming a leader in the education sector

The OPEM programme is co-launched by the School of Graduate Studies and the Department of Applied Psychology. The programme effectively marries the distinctive fields of psychology and management within the education context that aims to meet the professional training needs of the workforce in the Greater Bay area.

Our curriculum is tailored to offer students an interdisciplinary learning environment. Apart from diverse classroom learning, overseas learning experiences in top universities in the US and the UK will be available. Specifically, our students will have the opportunities to go on exchange at the University of Bath and attend the International Postgraduate Summer School at the University of Oxford. All these will keep students abreast of the latest development of education management.

A pioneering and practical program for school administrators

Understanding psychology is pivotal for school administrators. From mediating disputes to allocating resources, the managing team of an institute will need human resource skills and effective communication to lead the team in tackling problems and breaking down barriers between staff members. OPEM is a practical programme that aims to fill in the gaps in the study scope of existing applied psychology and education management courses in Hong Kong, by offering a course that specializes in people management in an education setting on all levels. The programme covers management topics from primary school to higher education, which makes it an apt choice of further study for individuals who are currently in, or aspire to play, a leadership role in their respective teaching environment.

An excellent platform to equip students with state-of-the-art organizational psychology knowledge that can be readily applied in educational settings

School is certainly a good example of a complex, dynamic social system. With so many people working in this environment, the understanding of psychology allows an educator to design a better environment and improve social interaction among individuals. The OPEM programme provides an excellent platform to equip students with state-of-the-art organizational psychology knowledge that can be readily applied in educational settings. In various psychology modules, students will learn useful strategies in enhancing motivation, effective communication techniques, conflict resolution and counselling skills, and so forth. These attributes will surely meet the need for modern education leaders.


Employment & Career opportunities

The programme is carefully curated for, but not limited to, managers, senior teachers, subject panel heads, principals, and all levels of administrators from educational institutions. OPEM graduates could follow a vast range of careers in managerial roles particularly in the education sector, from education policymakers and school administrators to leadership positions in secondary and tertiary institutes, non-governmental organizations, think tanks as well as the government and the professional field of human resources. Students in fulltime work can opt for the weekend mode of study.

Aims of the Programme

The OPEM programme aims to:

  • Equip students with broad knowledge, understanding of organizational psychology in education management (e.g. The role of leadership in school settings)
  • Nurture students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers who could tackle issues in education management with a holistic approach
  • Offer a wide range of experiential learning opportunities for critical analysis and perform reflective practice review of educational management in a wider policy context
  • Conduct contemporary policy analysis and organizational research in education setting through engagements with practitioners and the wider policy community

Mode of Study and Duration

  • 1-year Full-time mode
  • 1-year Full-time - Weekend mode
  • 2-year Part-time mode

Programme Curriculum

Students are required to satisfactorily complete 9 courses with a total of 30 credits (including three compulsory courses in the Organisational Psychology cluster, five elective courses in the Education Management cluster, and, one Capstone Project) *.

A. Organizational Psychology Cluster (Take all courses - 9 credits in total)

  • PSY513 Organisational Psychology 3
  • PSY515 Research Methods in Work Psychology 3
  • PSY605 Coaching and Counselling in the Workplace 3

B. Education Management Cluster (Choose 5 electives - 15 credits in total)

  • MIH501 Globalisation, Policy and Society 3
  • MIH504 Internationalization and Quality Management in Higher Education 3
  • MIH505 Creating an Effective Student Learning Environment 3
  • MIH506 Branding and Marketing of Education 3
  • MIH601 Internationalising Education: Institutional Strategy and Development 3
  • MIH605 Managing Talents and Finance in Education Institutions 3
  • MOP601 Regional Study on Education Management in Greater China and East Asia 3
  • MOP603 Educational Management Summer School 3
  • MOP604 Managing Conflict in Public Organisations 3
  • MOP605 Guide study in Education Management 3

C. Capstone Project (Compulsory – 6 credits)

  • MOP602 Applied Education Management Project 6

* The offering of elective courses is subject to sufficient demand and faculty availability.

Graduation Requirements

  • Obtain 30 credits
  • Achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.67
  • Fulfil all programme requirements

Admission requirements

1. A bachelor’s degree with at least Second-Class Honours from a recognized tertiary institution.*

2. An applicant whose degree is from a non-English-medium tertiary institution should obtain

  • IELTS: minimum overall score of 6.5, or
  • TOEFL: minimum score of 550 (paper-based test) or 213 (computer-based test) or 79 (internet-based test), or
  • an equivalent score in a recognized test**.

*Equivalent qualifications and experiences may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

**Applicants may submit equivalent assessments for consideration. If necessary, interviews may be conducted.

Application period

1 October 2019 – 15 June 2020

Tuition fees


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About the School

Lingnan University is the liberal arts university in Hong Kong and we have the longest established tradition among the local institutions of higher education. Our history can be dated back to 1888, wh ... Read More

Lingnan University is the liberal arts university in Hong Kong and we have the longest established tradition among the local institutions of higher education. Our history can be dated back to 1888, when our forerunner, the Christian College in China, was founded in Guangzhou, and to 1967, when the institution, as Lingnan College, was re-established in Hong Kong. In 2015, Lingnan University was named as one of the “Top 10 Liberal Arts College in Asia” by Forbes. Read less