Master of Science with a Major in Biology

University of West Georgia

Program Description

Master of Science with a Major in Biology

University of West Georgia

The mission of the M.S. Degree Program in the Department of Biology at the University of West Georgia is to provide graduate students the knowledge and training necessary to pursue advanced graduate education, professional studies, or employment. In pursuit of this mission, the Department of Biology offers a M.S. Degree Program via either a thesis and non-thesis track.

Program Description

The Department of Biology at the University of West Georgia will provide opportunities for personal and professional development to students, faculty, staff, and the broader university community through excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Teaching: The Department of Biology will implement and maintain a rigorous curriculum which facilitates an understanding of the major principles and concepts in the biological sciences, promotes critical-thinking and communication skills, and fosters a continuous interest in learning.

Research: The Department of Biology will provide and maintain student-oriented research opportunities which will facilitate a comprehensive understanding of biology and the scientific process, enhance the quality of instruction, promote professional development, and further the state-of-knowledge in the biological sciences.


A combination of 5000-level and 6000-level courses may be used to complete graduate degree requirements, but a substantial portion of the degree program should be at the 6000 level. A topic for thesis research should be identified before the end of the second semester of the degree program. The degree candidate should submit a brief thesis proposal to the advisory committee at this time and should schedule qualifying exams before the end of the third semester. The advising committee may approve up to two course substitutions from departments other than biology if such substitutions are appropriate to the research interests or career goals of the student.

These are not all required courses. For Thesis, 7 3-hour BIOL courses must be taken at the 5000/6000 level. BIOL 6984, 6983, and 6999 are always required as well.

For Non-Thesis, BIOL 6984 and 6995 are required on top of ten three hour 5000/6000 level courses.

Method of Delivery

Courses are 100% face-to-face.



Credit & Transfer

  • Total semester hours required to earn a degree: 36
  • Maximum Hours Transferable into program: 6

Program-specific Admittance Guidelines

A student entering this program is normally expected to have an undergraduate degree in biology. Students without a degree in biology or students lacking certain background courses in biology and related sciences may be expected to complete undergraduate courses to compensate for deficiencies. All students must take the GRE general test.

Graduate students must select an advising committee by the first pre-registration period following admission on any basis, or one will be selected for them by the Department Chair.

Learning Objectives

Students will communicate scientific information through the acquisition, organization, or presentation of scientific information in written or oral form.

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Summer. 1-Jun - Fall admission. 15-Nov Spring admission.
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