Master of Science in Systems Engineering

University of Arizona

Program Description

Master of Science in Systems Engineering

University of Arizona

This program is available both campus and online.

The Master of Science in Systems Engineering examines the design, modeling, and analysis of advanced systems that consist of diverse components – from software and hardware to the skilled operators that employ them. Throughout your course of study, you’ll work with expert faculty to build on your practical abilities and gain a complete sense for building comprehensive solutions that maximize efficiency. The program, while technical in nature, also focuses on a number of other skills that can help you lead effective projects that meet requirements, stay on-budget, and remain reliable for years to come.

The Master of Science in Systems Engineering program’s curriculum is highly customizable, allowing you to create an individual academic plan that suits your specific professional goals and interests. The program also presents the chance to complete a practical thesis or project alongside an advisor and faculty members.

As a student, you’ll develop your skills in:

  • Reliability testing
  • Statistics and Stochastic modeling
  • Quality control
  • Linear systems
  • Financial modeling
  • Project Management

…and several other areas as they suit your interests and professional goals.


The Master of Science in Systems Engineering program curriculum is extremely flexible and individualized, allowing you to choose which electives and academic experiences suit your future goals. Each course provides a thorough, in-depth, advanced education in systems engineering and development focused on preparation for the workforce. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to decide the format in which you’d like to complete your requirements, whether through a research project, faculty-guided thesis, or entirely through intensive, practical coursework.

To fulfill the requirements of the Master of Science in Systems Engineering, you must complete the following:

Required Courses (9 units):

  • SIE 550 Linear Systems Theory (3 units)
  • SIE 554A Systems Engineering Processes (3 units)
  • SIE 520 Stochastic Modeling (3 units) OR SIE 530 Engineering Statistics (3 units)


Ideal candidates for the graduate programs in engineering offered by the University of Arizona will meet the following admissions standards:

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in previous academic coursework
  • Graduated from an accredited engineering bachelor’s program or have earned a degree in a related discipline (math, physics)
  • Some courses may also require that students have completed specific prerequisites
  • Specific or additional prerequisites will be required for Mining and Geological Engineering candidates dependent upon their backgrounds in STEM or other disciplines, such as those with an undergraduate degree in geology. Please contact an Admissions Counselor for details.
  • Additionally, courses are available for students who need to strengthen their math skills.
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