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Program Description

The Master of Science in Real Estate is the first dedicated postgraduate program in real estate in Cyprus and Greece. Furthermore, it is the only Real Estate Master program that has been accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The MSc in Real Estate is tailored to the individual needs of working professionals and provides a flexible route to an advanced degree in Real Estate. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach that covers quite comprehensively all the important dimensions of real estate from a theoretical, analytical, and practical perspective. After completing the program, graduates will have acquired:

  • In-depth and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of this field and the background necessary to professionally and scientifically approach real estate from the perspective of a valuer, a real estate consultant, a developer, and a property investor.
  • All the theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as critical thinking, that are required in order to successfully pursue administrative positions in private firms and public agencies that are active in the field of Real Estate.
  • The required knowledge and sensitivity to understand the importance of sustainability and the broader environment in real estate development.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the international dimensions of the real estate market, the economic cycles, and their effects on the functioning of local real estate markets.

Professional Certification

The Master in Real Estate is among the elite real estate Masters of Science worldwide that have secured certification from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which operates in 150 countries and is considered internationally one of the most trusted associations of property professionals. As a result of this accreditation, students of the MSc in Real Estate will be able to follow the APC route for registering as RICS members within 6 – 24 months after graduation. Graduates will also qualify for becoming licensed real estate agents, once they have acquired the necessary practical experience and pass the relevant exam. They will also be able to apply to the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) to register as property valuers. Depending on the first degree of each graduate, and after examination of the application by the relevant committee, the graduate may secure professional certification by ETEK in the field of Land Valuation, after attending some additional courses from the Neapolis University Master in Real Estate Valuation and Development.

Taller than the Trees

Career Prospects

The field of Real Estate offers attractive employment opportunities for candidates with specialized education and offers good working conditions, but it is highly competitive and demanding. The Master in Real Estate is an essential qualification for those who want to acquire specialized knowledge in Property and are already working or wishing to work in the near future in the real estate industry. Graduates of the MSc in Real Estate have a competitive advantage in pursuing administrative positions in a wide range of companies that are active in the field of Real Estate, such as land development companies, property investment companies, property management companies, real estate agencies and companies providing advisory real estate services, property valuation companies, real estate financing organizations, relevant bank departments, etc. They can also pursue senior positions in relevant government organizations, such as the Department of Lands and Surveys and the Planning Department.

Program Structure

The courses of theoretical and analytical nature include ‘Real Estate Law’, ‘Real Estate Economics’, ‘Urban and Regional Economics’, ‘Quantitative Tools for Real Estate’, ‘Global Capital Markets for Real Estate’, ’International Property Investment’ and ‘Real Estate Development’.

The courses of more practical nature include ‘Theory and Practice of Property Valuation’, ‘Real Estate Workshop’, ‘Real Estate Development Workshop’, and ‘Property Management’. The MSc in Real Estate concludes with the ‘Research Seminar’ and the Dissertation, which gives students the opportunity to delve into a subject of their own choice and develop their research skills.

The total number of credits required for the successful completion of the program is 90 ECTS.


The Course Structure of the Master in Real Estate is as follows:

Semester: 1

  • REAL500 Quantitative Tools for Real Estate Analysis
  • REAL520 Urban and Regional Economics
  • REAL560 Real Estate Marketing

Semester: 2

  • REAL530 International Real Estate Economics
  • REAL550 Theory and Practice of Real Estate Valuation I
  • REAL555 Theory and Practice of Real Estate Valuation II

Semester: 3

  • DISS600 Dissertation Seminar
  • REAL539 Sustainability and Environmental Issues in Real Estate Development
  • REAL540 Real Estate Law
  • REAL545 Real Estate Management
  • REAL570 Real Estate Investment: International and Domestic

Semester: 4

  • MDIS600 Dissertation
  • REAL580 Real Estate Development
  • REAL590 Real Estate Development Practice
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