Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Universidad del Turabo

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Universidad del Turabo


The Master of Science with specialization in Mechanical Engineering provides a rigorous educational experience in electrical engineering. The program affords an opportunity for practicing engineers and others to advance their technical competencies and develop professionally. Each student is required to take five (5) designated core courses and complete the remaining coursework requirements by selecting from a wide range of electives in power systems, control systems, electronics, computers, digital signal processing, and other department-approved electives. Students may choose one of three study plans: M.S. with thesis, M.S. with the project, or M.Eng. course-only. Successful completion of an M.S. degree will uniquely prepare graduates for future doctoral studies or challenging careers in industry; an M.Eng. degree will greatly enhance professional qualifications for career advancement or future academic endeavors. If an area of specialization is not declared, a student will have the opportunity to collaborate with a professor in research in other areas of interest in mechanical engineering. There is currently an ongoing effort in the area of biomechanics which may be of high interest to many students.

  • Plan 1 (M.S. degree-Thesis). Plan 1 is an excellent option for full-time students with a strong interest in research.
  • Plan 2 (M.S. degree-Special Project). Plan 2 is ideal to conduct design and development in an area of particular interest
  • Plan 3 (M. Eng. degree). Plan 3 caters primarily to working professionals who seek highly specialized knowledge.


Required Courses

  • MEEN 501 Finite Element Analysis
  • MEEN 601 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
  • MEEN 602 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  • MEEN 604 Aerodynamics 1: Incompressible Flow

Specialization Courses (select 4 courses: 12 cr.)

  • MEEN 603 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • MEEN 671 Advanced Heat Conduction
  • MEEN 674 Micro & Nano Heat Transfer
  • MEEN 678 Advanced Topics
  • MEEN 679 Independent Study
  • *MEEN 502 Aircraft Design
  • *MEEN 611 Composite Materials
  • *MEEN 616 Introduction to Aeroelasticity
  • *MEEN 617 Dynamics of Rotating Machinery
  • *MEEN 623 Multi-Scale Turbulence: Aeronautics
  • *MEEN 630 Engineering Internship I
  • *MEEN 631 Engineering Internships II
  • *MEEN 641 Sustainable Energy: Solar, Nuclear, Wind Energy Fuel Cell & Geothermal
  • *MEEN 672 Mechanical Vibrations
  • *MEEN 673 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • *MEEN 675 MEMS and Energy Harvesting
  • *MEEN 676 Design Optimization
  • *MEEN 681 Introduction to Biomechanics
  • *MEEN 682 Systems Engineering
  • *MEEN 683 Friction, Wear, and Lubrication
  • *MEEN 684 Advanced Tribology
  • *MEEN 685 Applied Modern Control

* (Asterisk) (Course is also available in other specialization areas)

Degree Requirements

  • MEEN 697 MS Thesis
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