Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


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Program Description


This is a fundamental and classical program, but together the program integrates the latest scientific and technological achievements and focuses on the development of high-level competencies:

  • In the development of products of mechanical nature – the specialists are able to evaluate, model, simulate develop and optimize mechanical systems;
  • In carrying out research – the specialists are able to solve non-completely defined problems, summarizing and integrating knowledge and information from the field of mechanical engineering and other fields or areas;
  • To do the work of a manager – the specialists are able to lead teams of different field professionals, manage the activities of the team.

Why @KTU?

Modern and well-equipped laboratories

Studies and research are carried out in modern laboratories of Measurements Actuators, Robotics, Biomechatronics, Dynamics, Piezomechanics, Holography and Optical Measurements, 3D Prototyping, Materials Static Testing.

Close collaboration with international companies

Faculty closely works with many international and local industrial partners: Festo, Hi-Steel, Mars Lietuva, Baltec CNC Technologies, etc.


Master+ model offers either to a masterpiece in the specialization or to strengthen managerial/interdisciplinary skills by choosing an individual set of competencies required for a career.


Student’s competencies:
– To coordinate the activities of the teams of facilities management specialists in various companies (operating in the fields from production to designing);
– To know production processes and control possibilities and tools of engineering analysis (CAD/CAE);
– To analyse problematic areas of facilities management and adapt modern modelling software for increase of efficiency of processes;
– To design and implement development of the systems or subsystems of mechanical nature in the integral engineering systems using modern research and technological equipment and engineering analysis tools.

Student’s skills:
– Able to model the systems of strength of structures, contact, thermal conductivity and flow of liquids, assessing their dynamic properties, functional and reliability level of their components;
– Able to design and realise the processes of designing – product development using advanced competences of engineering activities;
– Able to realise modern algorithms and algorithms based on computer modelling software for facilities management.

Entry Requirements

Proficiency in English
Language requirements

IELTS ≥6.0, TOEFL ≥85, CEFR ≥C1, or equivalent

Eligibility CGPA
University Bachelor degree certificate

Undergraduate diploma (or higher) with min. length of 180 ECTS (3 years of studies) is eligible.

Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.

The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Russian.

The documents must be legalised (Apostille) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents were issued. This requirement does not apply for the documents issued in the EU and Belarus, Ukraine.

Average grade (CGPA) > 60 %

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Last updated May 2020

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