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Program Description

Language of instruction: English

It is increasingly important not only to understand the traditional field of marketing, but also to be knowledgeable about changing consumption patterns in a dynamic and complex marketplace.

The Master of Science program in Marketing and Consumption offers cutting-edge courses that focus on the role of marketing and consumption in a contemporary society: its cultural underpinnings, global dimensions and sustainability challenges. The curriculum combines lectures by leading researchers in various marketing fields as well as application of theory on practical marketing problem.

This program provides students with analytical skills in the domain of marketing and consumption that enable them to pursue a successful career worldwide.

About the program

The program is targeted both towards students completing their undergraduate degree and students who choose to enrol after acquiring a few years of work experience.

Focus on understanding consumers in a global marketplace

Due to a large variety of consumer demands, the marketplace is dynamic and ever changing - with new products being launched regularly as companies compete for consumers’ attention and loyalty. The Marketing and Consumption program is ideal for students who want to gain expertise in understanding consumers – an area that is critical for success in any market! The consumer focus of this program provides students with critical knowledge, a distinct advantage over the graduates of other business programs. With the global marketplace as a starting point and an emphasis on competitive advantage and sustainable consumption, the program provides cutting edge courses.

The program further offers an appealing study environment - a mix of students with different educational backgrounds, nationalities and work experiences enriches the studies as well as prepares the students for a successful international career. Up-to-date, practical cases are used and analysed in close co-operation with global organizations and local companies. International leading marketing scholars from the top ranked business schools also give students the opportunity to attend elective courses with current thematics.

Tailor the program to suit your particular interests!

Students will have excellent opportunities to tailor the program to suit their particular interests; be it in consumption development, sustainability, communication, business leadership, tourism marketing, arts marketing or logistics.

Faculty reputation in marketing and consumption

The Marketing Faculty at the Graduate School enjoys a reputation as one of the best in Sweden in both research accomplishments and classroom tuition. The program offers up-to-date courses by highly experienced and qualified professors. Marketing is the dominating field within Business Administration at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, and over the years, thousands of satisfied students have obtained their diplomas in marketing science.

Career prospects - excellent preparation for a career in business, in the public sector, or for Ph. D. studies

After having completed the Master of Science program in Marketing and Consumption, students can choose different directions depending on their domains of interest, i.e., in the private industry or in the public sector. Our graduates will be able to assume leading positions within the private sector, such as

-Business developer -Brand Manager -Coorporate Brand Coordinator -Planner -Marketing /Category Manager

Furthermore, the program offers a rigorous academic curriculum that gives an excellent preparation for Ph. D. studies and - in the future - a successful career in academia.

The Marketing Faculty of the Graduate School welcomes you to join our program and wishes you an excellent study period!

Application deadline:

Non EU/EEA Citizen: 15th January

EU/EEA Citizen: 15th April

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Last updated May 2019

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Sweden and the Swedish business world have had a great deal of international success over the past 100 years. A couple of important factors of success include understanding and respect for other cultu ... Read More

Sweden and the Swedish business world have had a great deal of international success over the past 100 years. A couple of important factors of success include understanding and respect for other cultures and human context, which results in the realization that there are no general solutions to local problems. A specific type of leadership and a unique approach to both commercial enterprise and taking responsibility have been developed, both of which have garnered international respect. Research at the School of Business, Economics and Law helps clarify this leadership and approach to taking responsibility, and makes conveyance to students, our leaders of tomorrow, possible. Read less