Master of Science in Management & Sustainable Accounting and Finance


Program Description

At a Glance

  • Degree awarded: Mas­ter of Sci­ence (M.Sc.)
  • Application period: April 1 - June 1
  • Type of programme:
  • Study places: 25
  • Start date: Oc­to­ber 1
  • Extent: 120 ECTS
  • Duration: 4 se­mes­ters
  • Language: Eng­lish
  • Semester contribution: ap­prox. EUR 360

Fi­nan­ci­al ma­nage­ment, ac­coun­ting, au­dit­ing, busi­ness va­lua­ti­on – if you are in­te­rested in the ana­ly­ti­cal pro­ces­ses wi­t­hin a com­pa­ny, the Mas­ters pro­gram­me Management & Sustainable Accounting and Finance of­fers you an in­te­res­ting field of stu­dy.

In the Fi­nan­ce & Ac­coun­ting ma­jor, you will ac­qui­re busi­ness com­pe­tence for va­ried and de­man­ding ma­na­ge­ri­al func­tions, not only in fi­nan­cing and ac­coun­ting but also in con­sul­ting firms and au­dit­ing com­pa­nies. In the pro­cess you will learn – par­ti­cu­lar­ly against the back­ground of the cur­rent chal­len­ges in cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion – how the­se core busi­ness di­sci­pli­nes can be ar­ran­ged in a so­ci­al­ly re­s­pon­si­ble and sustainable man­ner to sol­ve cur­rent so­ci­al pro­blems so that com­pa­nies them­sel­ves and ex­ter­nal in­te­rest groups be­ne­fit equal­ly.

Contents and Concept

The de­gree pro­gram­me is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by an in­ter­di­sci­pli­na­ry and trans­di­sci­pli­na­ry ma­nage­ment ap­proach. The nu­merous con­tent-re­la­ted syn­er­gies bet­ween the fiel­ds of fi­nan­ce and ac­coun­ting as well as the con­ti­guous di­sci­pli­nes such as ban­king, au­dit­ing & tax are con­sis­tent­ly ta­ken into con­side­ra­ti­on in the cour­se struc­tu­re. Stu­dents re­flect on the­se to­pics of busi­ness ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on using cur­rent re­se­arch fin­dings in sustaina­bi­li­ty sci­ence.

High­ly qua­li­fied full-time mem­bers of the pro­gram­mes teaching staff as well as pres­ti­gious as­so­cia­te lec­tu­rers who are ac­tive in the field of fi­nan­ce and ac­coun­ting pro­vi­de an ide­al com­bi­na­ti­on of re­se­arch and ap­p­li­ca­ti­on ori­en­ta­ti­on. In ad­di­ti­on to the ne­cessa­ry pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­tence, es­sen­ti­al ma­na­ge­ri­al and so­ci­al com­pe­ten­cies will be con­vey­ed in or­der to pre­pa­re stu­dents for ma­na­ge­ri­al ac­tivi­ties. The fo­cus in this con­nec­tion is working in small groups with se­mi­nar cha­rac­ter.

Management Studies as a Comprehensive Study Element

All stu­dents in the Mas­ters pro­gram­me Ma­nage­ment & En­tre­pre­neurship com­ple­te ma­nage­ment stu­dies as an as­so­cia­tio­nal stu­dy ele­ment. In the pro­cess, stu­dents de­epen their pro­fes­sio­nal skills in the field of ma­nage­ment know­ledge in a to­tal of three mo­du­les.

Buil­ding on the first se­mes­ter (“Or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on, In­no­va­ti­on and Stra­te­gy”), busi­ness ide­as for com­pa­nies and prac­tical part­ners are de­ve­l­o­ped wi­t­hin the frame­work of an idea com­pe­ti­ti­on in the se­cond se­mes­ter (“In­no­va­ti­on Pro­ject”). The fo­cus in the third se­mes­ter is on the cur­rent sta­te of re­se­arch on the sub­ject “en­tre­pre­neurship”, which is par­ti­cu­lar­ly ap­p­lica­ble in re­la­ti­on to the foun­da­ti­on plan­ning pha­se and busi­ness plan.

Programme Structure

In ad­di­ti­on to im­par­ting re­se­arch me­thods, in the first se­mes­ter you will be gi­ven an in­tro­duc­tion to ex­ter­nal ac­coun­ting (Ac­coun­ting I) and cor­po­ra­te fi­nan­cing (In­te­gra­ted Cor­po­ra­te Fi­nan­ce). You can fo­cus on a ban­king-spe­ci­fic em­pha­sis (ban­king sys­tem and ban­king tran­sac­tions) or ex­pand your ac­coun­ting know­ledge (Ac­coun­ting II).

Well qua­li­fied stu­dents may link their mas­ters stu­dies and a doc­to­ra­te:

The Doctoral Track enables stu­dents ad­mis­si­on to stu­dy for a doc­to­ra­te du­ring their mas­ters stu­dies.

In the se­cond se­mes­ter you will com­ple­te a teaching & re­se­arch pro­ject in fi­nan­ce & ac­coun­ting by con­sis­tent­ly using the re­se­arch me­thods and sub­ject-spe­ci­fic con­tents co­ve­r­ed in the pro­gram­me. Au­dit­ing, as well as fi­nan­can­ci­al ma­nage­ment (Stra­te­gic Ma­nage­ment), is on the agen­da. Eit­her the bank-spe­ci­fic em­pha­sis (over­all bank ma­nage­ment) or ac­coun­ting-spe­ci­fic know­ledge with re­gard to busi­ness ta­xa­ti­on (Tax) can be broa­de­ned in an elec­tive mo­du­le.

Spe­ci­fic re­se­arch and ap­p­li­ca­ti­on is­su­es from the fiel­ds of fi­nan­ce & ac­coun­ting will be ad­dres­sed in se­mi­nars du­ring the third se­mes­ter. In ad­di­ti­on to three com­pul­so­ry mo­du­les in the fiel­ds of be­ha­viou­ral fi­nan­ce & ac­coun­ting, busi­ness va­lua­ti­on and sustainable cor­po­ra­te go­ver­nan­ce (Ma­na­ging Sta­ke­ho­ler Re­la­ti­ons), cur­rent to­pics from the fiel­ds of fi­nan­ce & ac­coun­ting are fo­cu­sed.

A stay ab­road is pos­si­ble as an al­ter­na­ti­ve in the third se­mes­ter.

The cour­se of stu­dies is com­ple­men­ted on the one hand by ma­nage­ment stu­dies which over­arch the ma­jor pro­gram­me, in which stu­dents ex­pand their ex­per­ti­se in the field of ma­nage­ment know­ledge, and on the other hand by com­ple­men­ta­ry stu­dies which over­arch the Mas­ters de­gree pro­gram­me, in which a broad-ba­sed aca­de­mic foun­da­ti­on en­ab­ling re­flec­tion on sci­ence will be im­par­ted.

The fi­nal se­mes­ter is re­ser­ved for pre­pa­ring the Mas­ters dis­ser­ta­ti­on. In this re­gard you will be ac­com­pa­nied by a Mas­ters Fo­rum that of­fers you the op­por­tu­ni­ty to cri­ti­cal­ly scru­ti­ni­se your own ap­proa­ches and to hold in­ten­si­ve dis­cus­sions with fel­low stu­dents and teachers.


The cour­se of stu­dies pre­pa­res stu­dents for ta­king over ma­na­ge­ri­al func­tions re­qui­ring ana­ly­ti­cal and con­cep­tu­al as well as con­sul­ting and stra­te­gic skills in cor­po­ra­te fi­nan­cing and ac­coun­ting de­part­ments as well as cer­tain in­sti­tu­ti­ons (fi­nan­ci­al in­sti­tu­ti­ons as well as au­dit­ing and con­sul­ting com­pa­nies).

A broad spec­trum of ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons is open to gra­dua­tes: in spe­cia­li­sed func­tions such as cor­po­ra­te fi­nan­ce or in staff func­tions in the field of fi­nan­ci­al ma­nage­ment in cor­po­ra­te head­quar­ters. In ad­di­ti­on, pro­fes­sio­nal ac­tivi­ties re­qui­ring si­mi­lar skills can be found in all lar­ger cor­po­ra­te con­sul­tan­cies and in are­as of lar­ge au­dit­ing com­pa­nies re­qui­ring con­sul­ting skills. Stu­dents will find out­stan­ding ent­ry op­por­tu­nities in di­ver­se ser­vice li­nes among au­dit­ing com­pa­nies for sub­se­quent fur­ther qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on as an au­di­tor.

In ad­di­ti­on to prac­tical ap­p­li­ca­ti­on, fur­ther aca­de­mic qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on by me­ans of a doctorate is also open to gra­dua­tes as a re­sult of the me­tho­do­lo­gi­cal trai­ning.

Nu­merous re­le­vant re­se­arch pro­jects re­gar­ding the con­tents of the Mas­ters pro­gram­me are con­duc­ted by the chairs of the Institute of Banking, Finance and Accounting (IBFR) in­vol­ved in the de­gree pro­gram­me. Par­ti­cu­lar­ly qua­li­fied stu­dents al­re­a­dy have the op­por­tu­ni­ty from the first se­mes­ter of the Mas­ters pro­gram­me to com­ple­te mo­du­les of the doc­to­ral pro­gram­me with the doctoral track .

Previous Knowledge and Application

For a good ent­ry into the Ma­nage­ment & Fi­nan­ce & Ac­coun­ting de­gree pro­gram­me, it is use­ful and de­si­ra­ble that you have pla­ced an em­pha­sis in the fiel­ds of ac­coun­ting or fi­nan­cing as far as pos­si­ble in the Ba­che­lor’s pro­gram­me. You should at least bring along good ana­ly­ti­cal skills and a pro­noun­ced en­thu­si­asm for fi­gu­res. You will re­qui­re a ca­pa­ci­ty for team­work in or­der to be suc­cess­ful in the nu­merous team­work ses­si­ons.

It is also hel­pful if you have al­re­a­dy gai­ned in­iti­al pro­fes­sio­nal ex­pe­ri­en­ces through a com­mer­ci­al app­ren­ti­ce­ship, in­ternships or stu­dent trainee ac­tivi­ty in the field of fi­nan­cing, ac­coun­ting or in si­mi­lar spe­cia­li­sed fiel­ds.

Last updated Mar 2020

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