Master of Science in Management & Engineering


Program Description

At a Glance

Degree awarded: Mas­ter of Sci­ence (M.Sc.)
Application period: April 1 - June 1
Type of programme: The­ma­tic re­le­van­ce
Study places: 50
Start date: Oc­to­ber 1
Extent: 120 ECTS
Duration: 4 se­mes­ters
Language: Ger­man, sin­gle clas­ses in Eng­lish
Semester contribution: ap­prox. EUR 360

Please note: All mo­du­les are con­duc­ted in Ger­man.

The Management & Engineering Mas­ters pro­gram­me is fo­cu­sed on the in­ter­ac­tion bet­ween as­pects of ma­nage­ment in ma­nu­fac­tu­ring busi­nes­ses and en­gi­nee­ring. The pro­gram­me also ad­dres­ses the la­test is­su­es in both di­sci­pli­nes, with a key fo­cus on di­gi­ti­sa­ti­on in pro­duc­tion – In­dus­try 4.0.

Connecting Management and Engineering

Both the stra­te­gic de­sign and ever­y­day ope­ra­ti­on of ef­fi­ci­ent pro­duc­tion and lo­gis­tics pro­ces­ses de­mand a com­pre­hen­si­ve know­ledge of the in­ter­faces bet­ween en­gi­nee­ring, busi­ness and ma­nage­ment. A de­eper un­der­stan­ding of va­rious as­pects of en­gi­nee­ring is a key fac­tor for suc­cess in the ma­nage­ment of in­dus­tri­al en­t­er­pri­ses. That is why the de­gree pro­gram­me com­bi­nes the ac­qui­si­ti­on of ma­nage­ment skills with an in­tro­duc­tion to aca­de­mic and sci­en­ti­fic me­thods in the field of en­gi­nee­ring.

Two Profiles, One Programme

The Ma­nage­ment & En­gi­nee­ring pro­gram­me of­fers two op­ti­ons that are tailo­red to cur­rent de­man­ds on in­dus­try in the era of In­dus­try 4.0 and stu­dents’ pri­or know­ledge from their Ba­che­lor de­grees.

The Pro­duc­tion Sys­tems pro­fi­le is ai­med at stu­dents with a non-en­gi­nee­ring – ge­ne­ral­ly busi­ness – un­der­gra­dua­te de­gree and pro­vi­des an in-depth in­tro­duc­tion to the ba­sics of en­gi­nee­ring. The Pro­duc­tion En­gi­nee­ring pro­fi­le, on the other hand, is ai­med at stu­dents with a tech­ni­cal un­der­gra­dua­te de­gree – ge­ne­ral­ly en­gi­nee­ring or busi­ness en­gi­nee­ring.

Both pro­files of­fer tar­ge­ted and re­le­vant trai­ning for to­day’s chal­len­ges in pro­duc­tion, de­ve­lop­ment and re­se­arch, al­ways in­clu­ding the key in­ter­face with ma­nage­ment. Along­s­ide fun­da­men­tal as­pects of en­gi­nee­ring, the pro­gram­me fo­cu­ses on to­pics per­tai­ning to di­gi­ti­sa­ti­on.

If you are plan­ning to spend a se­mes­ter ab­road you should choo­se the third se­mes­ter for this as this of­fers bet­ter ac­credi­ta­ti­on op­ti­ons for the work you com­ple­te at the part­ner uni­ver­si­ties. The fourth or fi­nal se­mes­ter is also an op­ti­on for a se­mes­ter ab­road if a part­ner uni­ver­si­ty or a com­pa­ny of­fers you a Mas­ters pro­ject op­por­tu­ni­ty.

Aspects of All Management Programmes

All stu­dents on the Ma­nage­ment & En­tre­pre­neurship Mas­ters pro­gram­me take Ma­nage­ment Stu­dies. In a to­tal of three mo­du­les, they work to ex­pand and im­pro­ve their ma­nage­ment and en­tre­pre­neurship skills and ap­p­ly tho­se skills in the cur­rent con­text of con­stant­ly chan­ging struc­tu­res.

The first se­mes­ter ex­plo­res "Or­ga­niza­t­i­on, Stra­te­gy & In­no­va­ti­on" using case stu­dies; the se­cond se­mes­ter looks at the is­su­es sur­roun­ding "Di­gi­ta­liza­t­i­on" from the per­spec­tive of va­rious dif­fe­rent di­sci­pli­nes; the third se­mes­ter fo­cu­ses on “En­tre­pre­neurship”, and the stu­dents can, for ex­amp­le, de­ve­lop spe­ci­fic busi­ness ide­as for com­pa­nies and pro­fes­sio­nal part­ners.

Com­ple­men­ta­ry Stu­dies

Com­ple­men­ta­ry Stu­dies is part of all Mas­ters pro­gram­mes. Its three mo­du­les teach in­ter­di­sci­pli­na­ry cri­ti­cal re­flec­tion on fun­da­men­tal is­su­es. The in­no­va­ti­ve fo­cus of the­se clas­ses teaches stu­dents ap­proa­ches and me­thods across and bey­ond di­sci­pli­na­ry boun­da­ries, en­ab­ling them to de­ve­lop dif­fe­rent so­lu­ti­ons to chal­len­ges in re­se­arch and prac­tice.


Stu­dents wri­te their Mas­ters dis­ser­ta­ti­ons and take part in the Mas­ters Fo­rum in the fi­nal se­mes­ter. The dis­ser­ta­ti­on pro­ject should ide­al­ly be com­ple­ted at the In­sti­tu­te of Pro­duct and Pro­cess In­no­va­ti­on or in co­ope­ra­ti­on with a com­pa­ny in in­dus­try. The aim is to work on to­pics re­le­vant to re­se­arch or prac­tice using sci­en­ti­fic me­thods.

The Ma­nage­ment & En­gi­nee­ring ma­jor is ex­cel­lent pre­pa­ra­ti­on for a ca­re­er in in­dus­tri­al and (high-)tech com­pa­nies if you see yours­elf in a ma­na­ge­ri­al role at an in­dus­tri­al com­pa­ny whe­re in­ter­ac­tion bet­ween en­gi­nee­ring and ma­nage­ment is im­portant. Pos­si­ble are­as of work: pro­duct de­ve­lop­ment, pro­duc­tion, lo­gis­tics, sup­p­ly chain ma­nage­ment, tech­ni­cal sa­les, pro­cu­re­ment, mar­ke­ting and tech­ni­cal ma­nage­ment ac­coun­ting.

The pro­gram­me is also ide­al if you are plan­ning to work in re­se­arch – es­pe­cial­ly if you want to fol­low your Mas­ters with a doc­to­ra­te.

Requirements and Application

The Ma­nage­ment & En­gi­nee­ring Mas­ters pro­gram­me is tailo­red to gra­dua­tes with a Ba­che­lor de­gree (or equi­va­lent) in en­gi­nee­ring or in­dus­tri­al en­gi­nee­ring or in be­ha­viou­ral sci­ence with a fo­cus on busi­ness or so­cio­tech­ni­cal sys­tems. Your spe­ci­fic pri­or know­ledge from your pre­vious de­gree de­ter­mi­nes which pro­fi­le is right for you.

Last updated Mar 2020

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