Master of Science in Management Information Systems MS in MIS


Program Description

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MS in MIS) represents an important state-of-the-art concept in graduate education in the field of management information systems (MIS). Merging management and technology education, it is designed to help both technically-oriented information technology (IT) professionals and those from other fields gain expertise in the management of information systems in modern organizations.

The MS in MIS's program goal is to prepare you for management, high-level work and potential leadership in management information systems and related fields, and general management in organizations where information technology is important. The program targets working adults who desire high quality applied MIS education along with solid theory.

The MS in MIS program will help you:

  • prepare for management of IS, IT, and related functions;
  • prepare to be a leader in the integration of IT into the firm to help meet organizational goals;
  • prepare for management of IT planning processes; and
  • broader strategic uses of IT
  • understand the uses and value of newer technologies in the enterprise
  • enhance competencies related to one concentration area of choice: business analytics, database administration, information management, information assurance and security, systems analysis and design, and systems development.

The Master of Science in MIS promotes Metropolitan State's well-known ability to tie theory to practice, with a cutting-edge MIS education designed to have a "shelf life" that outlasts successive generations of hardware and software. The program core gives a strong background in management and information technology areas. Flexibility in elective courses, plus applications emphasis throughout courses, internships and the final integrative project gives students a strong base for the future. All MIS-related programs at Metropolitan State are STEM-related (CIP 11.XX Computing/Information Technology). However, USCIS SEVP recognition of these programs as STEM for international students' OPT purposes is pending.

The program is designed to serve several distinct groups of Information Technology Management professionals who need a strong mix of management theory and practice along with technological competence. This group needs more technical education than an MBA student, but less than a student who will be working in a purely technical capacity. Those students include:

General management professionals who need to understand how to manage the technical and IT aspects of their organizations. These students need the mix of management and technical work that leads to stronger technological understanding and analytical skills, resulting in stronger general management in firms where IT is a part of their competitive strategy.

Technical professionals who need to upgrade and update their technological skills while also updating their analytical and management abilities.

Technical and project managers also need this type of mix, as well as data, systems analysts, solution architects and managers who will be progressing in their careers.

Any managerial or higher level professional in organizations where IT is important will find the MS in MIS of great value.

The MS in MIS prepares you in the areas of: data analytics, strategic IT management, IT strategy and Internet strategy, supply chain management, IT security management, electronic commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), globalization, human factors, knowledge management, customer relationship management (CRM), managing the IT function (operationally), project management, systems analysis and design, social networking strategies for organizations, business/information analytics and business intelligence technology management, mobile, network and telecommunications

Last updated Sep 2020

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