Master of Science in International Management

Franklin University Switzerland

Program Description

Master of Science in International Management

Franklin University Switzerland

One-year cohort based program that prepares you to lead with confidence

This program is designed to develop a new generation of business leaders capable of managing the complex challenges that business and society faces right now. We attract a wide range of talent from around the world, both students and faculty. We are accredited in both the US and Switzerland.

Our curriculum and leadership program was developed after extensive research on the skills today’s managers say are most valuable in their employees. We emphasize leadership to guide you in identifying your individual strengths and give you practice using them. You will participate in a series of shared experiences that develop practical and cross-cultural skills that you will take forward into your career and your life.

We extend management education to include courses that prepare you to effectively employ digital strategies in your organization. We emphasize eBusiness in the fashion industry due to our strategic location and partnerships. You gain the benefits of a high quality education in Switzerland combined with Franklin's pragmatic approach that focuses on applying skills while learning in an international business context.

The Director of Graduate Studies is committed to creating a collaborative relationship among faculty, students, and industry experts. Throughout the masters in international management program, you engage directly with experienced professionals both in the classroom and in real work situations, learning current best practices and putting them to use. You also benefit from Academic Travel, visiting organizations that you study in international locations, and Practical Experience, bridging the gap between coursework and career.

Graduate Student Profile

Our Master of Science in International Management is designed for people:

  • from many different educational and professional backgrounds who have a commitment to being responsible, strategic, entrepreneurial and innovative leaders and want a small cohort program with a strong leadership development and mentoring component
  • with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline who want to acquire management skills and business acumen to excel in the information economy and gain experience in a multicultural, interdisciplinary learning environment
  • who want a progressive approach to management education in a short-term intensive program



Our one-year MSIM course of study is taught using a cohort model: each cohort progresses through the entire one-year program together. This model facilitates collaborative learning and encourages the class to act as a team, similar to the dynamic you find in the work place.

The program is conducted over two semesters and the summer. Each semester is 16 weeks, divided into two core sessions of seven weeks, with a mid-term period of two weeks. The fall mid-term session is dedicated to seminar courses on current topics and the spring mid-term is when the cohort goes on Academic Travel.

You begin with a professional week that introduces you to the program, the cohort, the faculty and the university while getting a pulse on the backgrounds and skills that you bring to the cohort. The second week focuses on leadership development skills. We follow a semester system with a one-month break from mid-December to mid-January.

The Leadership Program and preparation for your Practical Experience run over the entire year. Over the summer, you conduct the Practical Experience.

Program of Study (45 Credits)

Strategic Decision-Making
MGT500 Leadership Development through Action Learning I
MGT510 International Management
MGT540 International and Legal Environment
EBC510 eBC Data & Models
EBC511 Digital Communication Strategies
EBC516 Global Innovation Ecosystems I
MGT509 Quantitative Methods in Economics and Finance
MGT600 Career Strategies
Responsible Decision-Making
MGT520 The Role of Ethics in the Modern Corporation
MGT525 Project Management
MGT530 Challenges in the New Global Marketplace
MGT545 Financial Management
MGT555 Seminar in Individual and Social Responsibility
Innovative Decision-Making
MGT501 Leadership Development through Action Learning II
EBC517 Global Innovation Ecosystems II
MGT601 Practical Experience Planning
MGT550 Innovation Management
MGT565 Cross-Cultural Negotiations
EBC512 Digital Advertising
Academic Travel
MGT580 Academic Travel
Entreprenurial Decision-Making
MGT560 Global Entrepreneurship
MGT535 International Business Economics
EBC513 Technology and Business Processes
MGT585 Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs
Practical Experience
MGT602 Practical Experience
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Start date
Aug. 20, 2018
1 year
Full time
29,500 CHF
May 1, 2018
Switzerland - Sorengo
Start date: Aug. 20, 2018
Application deadline May 1, 2018
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Aug. 20, 2018
Switzerland - Sorengo
Application deadline May 1, 2018
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