Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Program Description

The Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE) is a training and specialization space where students deepen their knowledge and skills to create value through the creation of new startups, or contribute from innovation to established companies.

This program is based on teamwork to achieve the implementation of an entrepreneur / innovative project. This is achieved through the use of solid methodologies taught by high-level teachers and mentors. The MIE lasts 12 months and is divided into three stages: 1) stage of exploration and generation of ideas, 2) stage of conceptualization of new business, and finally 3) stage of implementation of projects.

Given the intensity of this process, this is a full-time program aimed at students beginning in their career. The only requirement is that the candidates are in possession of a degree, and perhaps the most important thing with desire to transform the world through innovation and entrepreneurship.

What differentiates the MIE are three fundamental characteristics: a practice-oriented approach, a strong international focus, and the work is based on multidisciplinary teams. The orientation to the practice is given through the MIExperiencia program, in which the student works in a startup or organization linked to the entrepreneurial ecosystem from the first day of classes. This program is extended every morning of the first trimester and seeks that the student manages to discover real problems that inspire him to create an added value project. The international focus is achieved by inviting foreign professors and speakers to share their experiences in the room, as well as sending the four best selected students to a course organized by the University of Miami. This course involves two trips abroad that allow the student to develop a project of entrepreneurship and innovation together with students from five Latin American universities. Finally, the MIE has been opened to students of all races, action that will allow the formation of teams with complementary skills capable of creating projects that generate impact thanks to a holistic and comprehensive approach achieved through the diversity of the teams.

Our graduates today work in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation of large companies, government and non-profit organizations. However, most of them have created their own company, contributing to growth from a sustainable approach, creating economic, social and environmental value. If you want to be the manager of your own destiny, the MIE is for you.


  • Develop and strengthen attitudes and skills necessary to innovate and undertake such as, initiative, resilience, teamwork and leadership.
  • Develop capacity to identify needs and generate proposals for change.
  • Develop the ability to understand and analyze the structural variables that determine the existence of an opportunity.
  • Develop capacity to evaluate the impact of your project.
  • Understand and develop business models that are capable of creating and capturing value from innovation proposals.
  • Ability to implement an enterprise at an early stage, projecting a local or global escalation strategy.

Labor Field

The MIE provides training that integrates the business concepts and personal skills necessary to carry out an enterprise. These tools allow graduates to have different alternatives to enter the work world, which range from starting their own business to inserting themselves in any corporate business area leading innovation and entrepreneurship processes that allow the creation and development of new businesses, impacting on the Global economy.

A hallmark of the MIE is that these concepts and skills are acquired and deepened through the development of a business and the pre-incubation business process offered by Garage UAI. The support of Garage UAI guarantees a practical and real experience of the entrepreneurial process and the insertion in the ecosystem of national and international entrepreneurship and innovation.114555_005.jpg



  • 50 students maximum.

Admission requirements

  • 4-year university degree issued by a university recognized by the laws of your country (professional or bachelor's degree).
  • Less than 3 years of work experience.
  • Interview.

Exit Requirements

  • Take a grade exam.
  • Implement during the third quarter of the Master's and during the summer the entrepreneurship project designed during the MIE. The achievements of this project will be presented before an evaluation committee at the beginning of the next academic year.

Application process

  • Complete online application form.
    • College degree,
    • Grades card.
    • 2 letters of recommendation.
    • Letter of interest.
    • Curriculum vitae.
  • Personal interview. Both are coordinated to perform in your city.
  • Required level of English: Intermediate.
  • Application fee: USD 100.

General information


  • Price: USD 18,000
    It includes: the total value of the tuition and all the academic material of the program.

Cost of living in Santiago

The cost of living that we estimate in Santiago is USD 1,400 per month, assuming that a department is shared between two or more students. The student must have a medical insurance with international coverage with a duration equivalent to his stay in Chile until the end of his Master's program. This insurance is the responsibility of the student and must be accredited upon arrival to the authorities of the University.

Dates and times

  • Start: March
  • Term: December

Full time, one year.

* Dates subject to possible changes.

Forms of payment and benefits

  • Cash and fees


  • 20% For former undergraduate and graduate students UAI.
  • 20% For the public sector and the Armed Forces.
  • 3% For cash payment before program start (cumulative).

* Consultation for exclusive benefits for companies in agreement, residence in regions and group of students.


  • Quarter I
    • Introduction to entrepreneurship
    • Innovation Management
    • Competences of the entrepreneur
    • Design Thinking: observation and ideation
    • Entrepreneurship ecosystems
    • Typologies of entrepreneurship
    • IE Workshop: validation of ideas and entrepreneurial skills
  • Quarter II
  • Project evaluation I
  • Strategic marketing
  • Prototyping design and tools
  • Digital marketing
  • Business intelligence
  • Career development and employability workshop
  • IE Workshop: Business Model
  • Quarter III
  • Financing ventures
  • Advanced prototyping
  • Entrepreneurial regulatory framework
  • Project evaluation II
  • Commercial management of enterprises
  • IE Workshop: Start-up
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