The Master of Science in Information Technology (MIT) program prepares students for leadership roles in the IT industry. The program provides knowledge and skills across the entire range of topics in the industry – systems engineering, decision-making for IT, ethics and law, computer networking, database technologies, IT governance and strategy, Web development, and information assurance.

The core of the program is focused on building a foundation of critical thinking skills on which to make professional judgments and design and implement solutions aligned with business needs. The MIT program builds these thinking skills through a solid understanding of theoretical methods, principles, and tools and an examination of fundamental information technology issues and processes. Topics include systems engineering, decision-making for IT, ethics and law, computer networking, database technologies, IT governance and strategy, Web development, and information assurance.

Faculty with both academic and industry backgrounds also provide a practical perspective. Real-world problems and opportunities with software-intensive systems are explored, and methods to evaluate, adopt and take advantage of emerging technologies are learned. MIT students will be working closely with fellow IT professionals, to complete class assignments within teams, in order to prepare students for the real-world work environment and build their professional networks.

Possible career path: Network Administrator, Network Architect, IT Manager, Chief Technology Officer, Network and Security Engineer, Web Developer, Integration Engineer, Network and Systems Administrator.

Degree Requirement

The program consists of seven (7) Core Courses and five (5) Elective courses. The elective courses provide the opportunity for the students to develop further competencies covered in the core courses, based on their area of interest.

Pre-IMT Program

Students who have earned their bachelor’s degrees with less than 120 undergraduate credit hours can be given conditional admission to the MIT program, provided they enroll in and successfully complete the remaining credit hours by selecting from the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BCS) undergraduate courses offered at VIU. Among the 120 required credit hours, the MIT program prerequisite courses must be fulfilled. Before choosing the Pre-MIT courses, students must consult their academic advisor who will advise them on the appropriate course selections from VIU’s BCS program while complying with MIT program prerequisites. Successful completion of the Pre-MIT courses will allow these students to complete the undergraduate credit hour requirement of 120 and enter into the program.


The program objectives fall into two general categories: technical and organizational. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

In the technical domain:

  • Utilize a methodological approach to system design and implementation.
  • Develop architectural solutions for computer systems and associated technologies.
  • Develop applications using database technologies.
  • Implement and maintain networking and system infrastructure.
  • Apply problem-solving skills in website development, web-database integration, and network and system administration.
  • Develop depth in a selected area of expertise.

In the organizational domain:

  • Contribute to business processes through a process of analysis, design, and optimization in response to organizational needs.
  • Interact effectively within the organization.
  • Communicate effectively in oral, written, and graphical modes.
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