Master of Science in Information Technology


Program Description

Master of Science in Information Technology

The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) is an innovative two-year degree program designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today's businesses. With more and more programming positions being outsourced to overseas companies it is more important than ever that U.S. based workers develop the skills and attain the knowledge required to remain and excel in the technology field.

The University of Redlands School of Business discusses current topics with top academics and conducts surveys of prominent industry leaders. Through this process, one is assured that students will learn current in-demand skill sets while gaining a broad-based education with a solid ethical foundation to enable them to grow and excel throughout their lives.

What Technology Companies Are Looking For

  • People who have non-technology skills in the areas of effective project management, and complex problem-solving.
  • People with a breadth of understanding in both business and technology to facilitate the effective and efficient integration of companies' business needs with available technology solutions.
  • People with analytical skills necessary to aid in safeguarding organizations' assets via sound security management and disaster preparedness.

The MSIT program prepares graduates to take high-profile, leadership roles in planning, designing, implementing and managing strategic IT/IS. The program is less technical and primarily focused on providing key management abilities. Graduates will be equipped to deploy and manage effectively the technology, people, and process involved in a complex and constantly changing business environment.

What Makes Our Program Unique

  1. Success does not require IT/IS expertise: students from any undergraduate major can enter the MSIT program and succeed.
  2. International Collaborative Learning: opportunity to work, as part of a technology-mediated team with teams in other countries.
  3. An education with a strong Liberal Arts foundation: opportunity to hone communication and critical thinking skills.
  4. Real-world consulting assignment: opportunity to execute a consulting assignment with a client company.
  5. Immediate application: opportunity to apply the lessons learned immediately in a current work situation and in real-world information technology challenges.

Although some programs offer one or more of the above advantages, no other master's level program in Southern California offers such a comprehensive educational approach.

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to

  • Effectively manage IT/IS projects, processes, and professionals.
  • Evaluate and analyze the organizational, political, legal, ethical and global ramifications of managing information, technology, and IT professionals.
  • Explain complex IT/IS concepts to non-IT/IS persons through effective communication in written, presentation and conversational formats.
  • Evaluate how technology contributes to the 'Big Picture'.
  • Assess and apply sound IT security management principles to safeguard organizational assets.
  • Contribute to and collaborate effectively in international team settings.
  • Evaluate business requirements and formulate technology solutions into efficient business processes.
Last updated Jan 2018

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Where your dreams become aspirations and your aspirations become achievements—that is the Redlands experience. Since our founding in 1907, we haven’t wavered from our promise: a transformative education in an environment of academic rigor and personal responsibility, where you can blend what you learn in the classroom with life skills that will help you affect positive change in the world... Read less
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