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Program Description

The Master’s Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (EIM) gives you leading-edge insight and a unique challenge-based learning experience in the most vibrant student-led entrepreneurship community in Europe.

  • Interested in starting up and developing new businesses?
  • Motivated to invent and design new products and services?
  • Curious about how entrepreneurship theories can be applied to solving real-life challenges?
  • Passionate about pursuing bold ideas that can make the world a better place?

Entrepreneurship and innovation are important engines of growth for our societies. They play a key role in generating economic, social and ecological value. Studying in our EIM programme will give you the mindset and skills needed to generate new (business) ideas and turn them into actions that can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Career opportunities

From business owner to leading innovator to business & policy consultant

Entrepreneurial knowledge and skills are needed across many disciplines in today’s society, and starting your own business is by no means the only career option for our graduates. The capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship is valued in new ventures and start-ups, in established firms, and in consultancies as well as non-profit organisations and the public sector alike.

As a graduate of our programme, you will have a range of diverse career prospects. For instance, you could:

  • start your own venture (as many of our students do)
  • develop new products, services and concepts within an established firm
  • act as a consultant for a diverse range of organisations on how to improve their innovativeness and how to commercialise new products and services
  • lead complex projects that demand an entrepreneurial mindset
  • take on an entrepreneurship/innovation specialist role in the public sector at regional, national or supra-national (EU, OECD) levels

Post-graduate study options

Degree gives you an eligibility for doctoral studies.

Content of the studies

When you join our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (EIM) programme, you will:

  • have the flexibility to build your own (theory and/or practice-orientated) course portfolio so that your online and in-classroom studies are designed in the most beneficial way for you
  • work extensively on real-life business ideas and create new product & service innovations with real customers, financiers and other stakeholders
  • team up with fellow students and mentors from business, but also from design, science and engineering backgrounds
  • participate in a range of excellent entrepreneurship initiatives, including the student-led Aalto Entrepreneurship Society and the university-led Aalto Ventures Program.
  • discover many opportunities to engage in already successful Aalto-born start-up incubators and events, such as Start-up Sauna and Slush.

As an example, our popular Aalto-wide Venture Ideation course offers the opportunity for you to kick-start your own entrepreneurial project and to receive feedback that can help you with the further development of your ideas. Specifically, you learn how to create a critical mass of business ideas, identify the most promising of those ideas and then translate that idea into a convincing business model. Based on a combination of pragmatic experience and insights from research, you will also develop an ability to apply practical tools and theoretical frameworks that relate to team building, creative innovation, business modelling, and pitching business ideas.

Our advanced Venture Formation course is a continuation of the Venture Ideation course. It focuses on developing multidisciplinary student teams towards a real and realistic venture. It offers your team customised mentoring support from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors on your business model, with the aim of developing it into a viable early venture. The final ideas are presented to a panel of experienced judges in a showcase Aalto Startup Circus pitching event and have the opportunity to attract further interest and resources.

Our Aalto-wide Sustainable Entrepreneurship course focuses on entrepreneurship as the driver towards a more socially equitable and ecologically responsible society. It emphasises challenge-based learning in cooperation with real-life stakeholders (e.g. public institutions, civic society organisations, private enterprises) where students can integrate their personal interests by selecting different actor-learning profiles: (a) researcher, (b) consultant, and (c) entrepreneur. The course ends with the popular Sustainable Entrepreneur Day where students gain experience in communicating their practical solutions to entrepreneurs, sustainability experts and policy makers.

Other Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management courses also apply a flipped classroom approach where all lectures are offered as online content that has been 'gamified', and where classroom time is devoted to interactive case analysis.

Aalto’s student-led entrepreneurship community is the biggest and most vibrant in Europe. This makes learning entrepreneurship and innovation at Aalto highly rewarding and creates outstanding networking opportunities for your future career. A recent MIT report (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has recognised Aalto as a 'rising star' in entrepreneurship and innovation activity among universities worldwide.

Learning outcomes

Entrepreneurial knowledge and a mindset that can have an impact

Upon completing the programme, you will:

  • have the confidence and skills to create, test and pitch new business ideas
  • know how to develop a successful business, identify a winning venture team and design a distinctive competitive advantage
  • have the knowledge to critically evaluate the social and ecological sustainability of new businesses and innovations
  • be familiar with theory and knowledge in a way that means that you can apply them to real-world challenges in business and innovation management
  • develop experience in managing complex projects and working in teams with colleagues from different backgrounds.

Get on board and join our programme!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Planning Officer Berit Söderholm ( and/or our Programme Director Assistant Professor Myrto Chliova (

Finally, you may take a few minutes to have a look at and get to know our student-led entrepreneurship community and our teachers and staff:

General admission requirements

The application must first fulfil the general eligibility requirements before it is sent to the Master's programme for academic evaluation. Read carefully the general admission requirements, information on admission groups, selection schedule, required application documents and application instructions on our website section admissions.

In addition to the general eligibility requirements, each Master's programme has programme-specific evaluation criteria.

Programme-specific requirements

The admission group depends on the degree you are applying with. Only applicants with a lower university degree in “Economics and Business Administration” completed in a university in Finland apply in Admission Group 1. The name of the degree is kauppatieteiden kandidaatti, KTK in Finnish. All other applicants apply in Admission Group 2.

Last updated November 2018

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