Master of Science in Corporate Communication

Aalto University

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EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited

Master of Science in Corporate Communication

Aalto University

The Master’s Programme in Corporate Communication is unique in its combination of international business, management and communication.

In the present, rapidly changing business environment, the challenges met by companies and other organisations require an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of media and communication. The globalised world is more complex and less predictable than ever before, and communications need to be strategically managed.

Study experience

The Corporate Communication (CC) Master’s Programme is designed to give students a thorough, trans-disciplinary understanding of the fields of corporate communication and media management.

The programme views corporate communication as a business function and, at the same time, as social interaction. Throughout the studies, we highlight the impact of the globalised environment on communication practice, management and leadership. On the world scale, the CC Programme is unique in its combination of international business, management and communication.

Through a carefully designed, research-based curriculum, the programme provides students with profound knowledge of the strategic role of communication and media management in contemporary organisations.

The CC Programme offers professional and academic competences within such specific areas as media relations, employee communication, investor relations, issues management, and change and crisis communication. In particular, it develops the competences needed in managing international corporate communications, managing internal and external stakeholder relations and participating in corporate strategy work.

In all course work and problem-based learning activities we practise the skills needed for a variety of multicultural and multilingual situations.

The Corporate Communication Master’s Programme recruits students from a variety of backgrounds, but a sound business knowledge gained in earlier studies is required. We value diversity in class, and invite applicants from all over the world, with earlier academic expertise ranging from e.g. management and marketing to communication and cultural studies. Most importantly, the applicants must have a keen interest in the media and communication practice in the globalised world.

Learning outcomes

A student graduating from the Corporate Communication programme has a deep understanding of

  • the strategic role of corporate communication for business operations
  • the specialist areas of corporate communication, e.g. media relations, employee communication, investor relations, issues management, change and crisis communication
  • communication as social interaction
  • the theoretical foundations of communication and media research

In addition, Corporate Communication graduates are able to

  • manage the stakeholder relations involved in the various specialist areas of corporate communication
  • analyse, plan and conduct corporate strategy work from the perspective of communication
  • apply appropriate theory and methods to produce new knowledge related to communication and media
  • argue convincingly and demonstrate excellent communication skills

Career prospects

The programme gives the students excellent qualifications for a variety of specialist and executive positions within the areas of communication, management and international business. For example, CC graduates work in internationally operating organizations as communications managers, specialists and consultants. In addition, career prospects include work in communications training and research.

In the job market there is an increasing demand for the particular competence acquired in the CC Programme. This competence includes in-depth business knowledge, an understanding of the impact of globalization on business activities, and a thorough knowledge of communication as an academic discipline and as a professional activity.


1. General admission requirements

The application must first fulfill the general eligibility requirements before it is sent to the Master's programme for academic evaluation. Read carefully the general admission requirements, information on admission groups, selection schedule, required application documents and application instructions on our website section admissions. See also language requirements.

In addition to the general eligibility requirements, each Master's programme has programme-specific evaluation criteria.

2. Programme-specific requirements

The admission group depends on the degree you are applying with. Only applicants with a lower university degree in “Economics and Business Administration” completed in a university in Finland apply in Admission Group 1. The name of the degree is kauppatieteiden kandidaatti, KTK in Finnish. All other applicants apply in Admission Group 2. More information on admission groups is on the admissions page.

The applicants will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Earlier academic performance and content of previous studies
  • Motivation for studies in the programme. To demonstrate their motivation and also the ability to argue their case, the applicants will make a max. 2-minute video in English, where they discuss e.g. the following questions:
    1. Why am I applying to this particular program?
    2. Why should I be accepted?
    3. What areas in communication management are challenging today? Why?
    4. What is my own experience of research and what, for example, could be my own research focus in the Master’s Thesis?
  • In addition, in Admission group 2: GMAT/GRE test score

Previous academic performance and the GMAT/GRE score (in admission group 2) are the two most important criteria.

Instructions for submitting the video: The maximum 2-minute motivation video is submitted on a usb, cd or dvd with the other application documents by mail. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the video can be played with the most common programs such as VLC media player and Windows Media Player. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the usb/cd/dvd is properly packed so that it does not break during postal delivery.

Contact information

Location: Aalto University School of Business, Töölö Campus, Helsinki

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Application period: 2016-12-15 - 2017-01-25
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