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Program Description

The M. Sc. in Computer Science is offered by University of New York Tirana in partnership with the University of Greenwich, continuing our vision to deliver American and European quality programs to our students. The program intends to equip the student with advanced knowledge of core areas of computer science, as well as allowing for different elective specialization courses. After completing the taught component, the students are also asked to carry on an individual project and produce a dissertation.

Who Should Apply

  • Have you just completed your Bachelor's and you want to continue your studies further?

If you recently finished your first degree in Computer Science and are enthusiastic to advance your studies to a Master’s level, this program provides breadth in traditional areas of Computer Science as well as depth in terms of individual research and projects. Students who aspire to doctoral studies will find this program a smooth introduction into the world of academic research.

  • Are you looking for a boost to your career?

If you are already a working professional in IT industry, this program will provide you with an edge both in terms of professional skills and leadership and management qualities that are indispensable for a successful professional career.

  • Are you an international student?

We welcome students from all over the world, and our Master’s program takes into account international business practices, as it is taught by qualified faculty who are distinguished for their teaching and professional expertise in regional and international university. Also, we provide support for specialized personnel with extensive experience in international student matters.

  • Are you a student with a different type of qualification?

If you have a first degree in a discipline (Electronics, Mathematics etc) and you want to pursue advanced studies in Computer Science, the Master’s program provides a bridging program that will smoothly equip the students with the required foundational concepts before proceeding to the actual program content.

Program Structure

The basic academic structure of the M.Sc. is an overview of all the main functional areas of business. The first eight courses comprise essential computer science subjects, covering key concepts in computer architecture, networking, databases, operating systems and software engineering. After completing their core program, students may choose from three emphasis areas.

• Database Management
• Networking and Security
• Software Engineering

The duration of the taught part of the M.Sc. program is 12 months. Students will be required to submit their dissertation within six months after the completion of the courses. Modules are comprised of a total of 40 delivery hours spread over two alternate weekends a month, and two four-hour sessions on a weekday, usually Friday.

Admission Requirements

• A first degree, in any related discipline, from an accredited institution
• Where an applicant's first language is not English, evidence of competence in English through a recognized International English language qualification (TOEFL 213 computer score / IELTS Level 6.0) or other evidence deemed appropriate, like study for a first degree through the medium of English, etc. For the latter, the candidates will be interviewed and may be required to sit a diagnostic test administered by the school.

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs academic ... Read More

The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs academic staff of distinction, some recognized as international leaders in their fields. Read less
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