Master of Science in Communication Technologies and Multimedia


Program Description

Why Study Communication Technologies and Multimedia at the University of Brescia?

  • To get an education among the most competitive in the international scene of the great players that determine the development of today's digital world and mobile devices: The Master's Degree in Communication Technologies and Multimedia can be the launching pad for a highly qualified employment position in a contemporary, fast-evolving world.
  • To learn about the most advanced methods for the analysis and design of hardware and software systems for the transmission and management of multimedia contents. Skills on image analysis, communications networks, photonics, and nanotechnologies are one of the main requirements of by the manufacturing (Industry 4.0) and biomedical sectors.
  • To complete the degree with a thorough knowledge of technical English, with opportunities for participation in international mobility programs. In addition, it is possible to obtain a double degree with the European universities participating in the Erasmus Mundus consortium EMIMEO (Erasmus Mundus on Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics), funded by the European Union.
  • To study in a Department where the research activity provides students with the experimental facilities and opportunities to deal with the most advanced topics and to develop and test their own ideas: the Department of Information Engineering is one of the 19 Departments of Excellence selected by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) in the area of Industrial and Information Engineering and, in the area of Information Engineering, is the only Department of Excellence of the Lombardy region.

Course overview

  • Type of study program: master's degree program
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Credits: 120 ECTS
  • Seat: Brescia
  • Entry requirements: three-year university degree or diploma, or other recognized and approved foreign qualification
  • Language: English
  • Location: Engineering campus, 43 Via Branze, Brescia

Learning objectives and expected outcomes

The master's degree program in Communication Technologies and Multimedia, taught in English, trains highly qualified professionals with a solid background in the theoretical foundations of the disciplines underlying telecommunications and provides in-depth specialized knowledge on technologies and methodologies at the state of the art for the development of innovative communications systems, as well as technical and professional skills for consulting and solving application problems in the various fields of telecommunications services and systems.

Graduates in Communication technologies and multimedia will:

  • have the adequate knowledge of the theoretical and scientific aspects of mathematics and other basic sciences, as well as general engineering and more specifically in information engineering. They will be able to use this knowledge to interpret and describe complex engineering problems requiring an interdisciplinary approach;
  • have the ability to design, plan, and manage innovative telecommunications systems, processes, and services, as well as highly complex experimental activities;
  • have acquired a good knowledge of the English language in the specific field of telecommunications, and learned to understand and expose, in English language, complex topics either by written or oral presentations.

The master degree program final project consists of an important design or research activity, which ends with a public presentation that demonstrates the ability of the candidate to operate independently and to have good communication skills.

The course in numbers

On average, about 13 students per year enter the Master’s degree in Communication Technologies and Multimedia, of which more than one third come from outside Italy and have obtained their Bachelor’s degree abroad, confirming the international attractiveness of the Master.

We stress that foreign students come from various countries, and their different educational and cultural backgrounds contribute to the international atmosphere both in the classrooms and in academic and social activities.

Career prospects

The occupational analysis is based on the data provided by the Alma-Laurea consortium, that conducted a survey on the employment rate of recently graduated students.

From the Alma-Laurea report of April 2017, based on interviews with graduates in 2016 (14 interviewed students), it results in the fact that: 21% of graduates entered a Ph.D. program; 64% of graduates work with an average time to find the first job of fewer than 3 months.

These data are in line with those of previous years and show that the Master trains engineers which are highly valued and required by companies and public institutions.

Last updated Feb 2020

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