Master of Science in Chemistry


Program Description

General purpose

Master's studies with research orientation are intended to initiate students in research projects, for the innovative application of scientific and technological knowledge, and will be the platform for continuing doctoral studies.

Particular objectives

Master's studies in science have the following purpose:

Train professionals capable of joining and participating in scientific research and technological development work applying their knowledge and the necessary methodologies, in an original and innovative way.

  • Prepare their graduates in the detection and analysis of problems, innovating, improving and adapting technologies in productive processes.
  • To instruct their students to exercise teaching activities at the bachelor and postgraduate level in institutions of higher education and specialized centers.
  • Prepare your graduates for the continuation of doctoral studies.laboratory, analysis, chemistry jarmoluk / Pixabay


In the Master's curriculum, 100 credits must be covered. It consists of the following subjects: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Research Seminar I, II and III, Optional I, II, III and IV, and Thesis; same that must be covered in a maximum period of 4 semesters.

Entry requirements

To analyze the application of each applicant there will be an Admission Committee made up of three professors from the Graduate Council and for this they will consider the following requirements:

  • Submit a diagnostic test and pass the pro-therapeutic subjects, which have no credit value.
  • Submit curriculum vitae and interview the Admission Committee.
  • Show skills for reading and understanding technical writings in another language, in addition to Spanish, of importance to the research field. The mechanism to evaluate this aspect will be defined by the Graduate Council.

Academic admission criteria

For admission to the master's program, applicants must submit the documentation specified by the School's Department of School Services.

Master's degree students in science must be full time dedication; To cover all the credits of the curriculum and obtain their degree, they have two years counted from the date of entry into the program.

All our students obtain a CONACyT scholarship, for being our program in the National Postgraduate Quality Register (PNPC).

The Graduate Council will evaluate the direct access of the bachelor's degree to the masters in student sciences, which have distinguished themselves by demonstrating among others:

  • A trajectory with outstanding average,
  • Participation in Contests of Basic Sciences, Creativity or Entrepreneurs,
  • Participation in research projects,
  • Summer Research Participation,
  • Participation and organization in academic events, among others.

Requirements for admission to the master's degree

  • Any applicant to enter the program must submit a written request, to which the following documentation must be attached:
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Copy of the certificate of title or copy of the certificate of professional examination.
  • Copy of the certificate with qualifications.
  • Two letters of academic recommendation.
  • Copy of birth certificate.
  • Six child-sized photographs (black and white).

(All documentation must be submitted in duplicate)

Internal admission criteria

80 ± 2 as a minimum overall average for a bachelor's degree.scientist, molecular docking, female scientist elliepeek / Pixabay

Graduation profile

The program recognizes the need to improve the communication skills, both written and verbal, of chemists and, in particular, of those who will work in the chemical industry sector because they will strengthen the link with higher education institutions and research

Students will have an active role in their education, since as part of their academic training in each course they will review scientific literature in different areas of Chemistry. Also, your participation in the departmental seminars will allow you to understand the problems and the results of the research that will arise in them. At the core of the master's degree, both the teaching and research level imply the commitment with the student to direct it during that period of time towards an area of research in which it is developed to an expert level, so that it can contribute in the Future in a particular research group.

Upon successful completion of the master's program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Be part of research groups.
  • Transmit your knowledge efficiently.
  • Publish the results of your research in national and international journals.
  • Develop the ability to transfer technology to adapt it to the particular conditions of the country.

Action field

  • Chemical industry
  • Teaching in higher education
  • Investigation

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