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AACSB Accredited

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Rady School of Management

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) at the Rady School is an intensive program that will provide you with the skills to succeed in data-rich business environments. The program offers rigorous, hands-on training that will prepare you to use data and analytics to identify business opportunities, generate business insights and create business solutions.

As an MSBA student, you will gain both the quantitative skills to create better decision tools and the ability to manage teams and communicate effectively with stakeholders throughout each phase of an analytics project. In the Rady School MSBA program you will learn to:

  • Use predictive analytics and optimization for data-driven decision-making in marketing, finance, management, and operations
  • Collect, clean, visualize and analyze data
  • Use statistical and optimization tools (e.g., R, Shiny, Radiant)
  • Create and implement business analytics solutions

Careers in Business Analytics

Successful businesses use data and models to make better decisions and gain competitive advantage. Vast amounts of data on customers, suppliers, operations and financial transactions are collected from a variety of sources, often managed in diverse systems, by multiple stakeholders. Transforming this data into insights that can enhance decision-making is a key strategic challenge for businesses of every size, across all industries.

Companies are looking for skilled professionals who can work effectively in teams to frame key operational and strategic business questions and use data and analytics to find the answers.

MSBA students receive career support from Career Connections. Through personal coaching, an array of programs and resources and a commitment to creating access to opportunities, Career Connections enhances your potential for success.


A STEM Designated Masters

The MSBA is a 50-unit, STEM designated degree program. The curriculum consists of four 4-unit core courses, two 1-unit core courses, and 32 units from a set of elective courses, as well as a mandatory Pre-term Orientation.

Required and Recommended Courses

Required Core Courses

  • MGTA 401: Professional Seminar, 1 units
  • MGTA 451: Business Analytics in Marketing, Finance, and Operations, 4 units
  • MGTA 452: Collecting and Analyzing Large Data, 4 units
  • MGTA 453: Business Analytics, 4 units
  • MGTA 454: Business Analytics Capstone Project, 2 units

Elective Courses

  • List A (a minimum of 20 units required):
    • MGTA 455: Customer Analytics, 4 units
    • MGTA 456: Supply Chain Analytics, 4 units
    • MGTA 457: Business Intelligence Systems; 2 units
    • MGTA 458: Experiments in Firms, 4 units
    • MGTA 459: Managerial Judgment and Decision Making, 4 units
    • MGTA 460: Business Analytics Project Management, 2 units
    • Additional courses may become available
  • List B (up to 12 units permitted):
    • MGT 422: Creativity and Innovation, 4 units
    • MGT 451: Technology and Innovation Strategy, 4 units
    • MGT 475: Research for Marketing Decisions, 4 units
    • MGT 477: Consumer Behavior, 4 units
    • MGT 479: Pricing, 4 units
    • MGT 481: Social Media Marketing, 4 units
    • MGTF 406: Behavioral Finance, 4 units
    • MGTF 405: Business Forecasting, 4 units
    • Additional courses may become available

Capstone Project

  • MGTA 454: Business Analytics capstone project, 4 units

Students will pursue their capstone experience as part of a team to solve problems companies are facing. Each team will work as external consultants on a project to create value for a client company. Performance on the capstone project will be used as a primary measure of a student’s learning in the MSBA Program. Each student will be evaluated based on his/her grasp of the course material and his/her ability to apply the course material to the capstone project. Satisfactory completion of the Capstone Project is required to obtain the MSBA degree. Each student must successfully pass a comprehensive examination.

This examination includes (i) a formal presentation of the capstone project, (ii) a written report, and (iii) an individual oral examination. The capstone project will require students to complete a project that solves a business problem for a real-world client and document their work in a written report.

Pre-term Orientation

Rady organizes a mandatory Pre-term Orientation for all incoming students. During this time, students will attend workshops about academic requirements, career services, and graduate student life, as well as refresher and introduction courses on various topics relating to the MS Business Analytics program, such as R and Statistics. Attendance is mandatory and exact dates will be posted approximately 1-2 quarters before Fall admission.

Cost & Fees

$1058.00/unit (health insurance not included)

*Fees are subject to change

Entry Requirements

It is expected that most successful applicants will have either

(i) an undergraduate degree in a quantitative discipline such as mathematics, economics, statistics, physics, engineering, or computer science, or
(ii) five or more years of work experience in the public or private sector. Students with a non-quantitative undergraduate degree and less than five years of work experience will be considered on an exceptional basis if (1) their work experience is in the area of business analytics or marketing research or (2) they have developed a strong quantitative background through additional coursework or relevant work experience.

The program will only admit students who have a solid foundation in quantitative methods, particularly knowledge of probability and statistics and the use of statistical applications such as R, SAS, STATA, and Matlab. Additionally, each student must demonstrate evidence of programming proficiency from prior college coursework, professional experience, a continuing education program, Coursera, or EdX. If you are new to R we recommend you also complete a course on programming in R from Data Camp or Coursera. The Rady School admissions team reviews applications as they are received and makes decisions on a rolling basis. The number of seats is limited so applying early increases your likelihood of gaining admission.

Application Checklist

A completed MS in Business Analytics application will include the following components:

  1. Application Form
  2. Transcripts
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Quantitative Background
  5. Recommendations
  6. Statement of Purpose
  7. GMAT or GRE Scores
  8. TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Score (for international applicants only)
  9. Application Fee


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