Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering Technology

KU Leuven - University of Leuven

Program Description

Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering Technology

KU Leuven - University of Leuven

This master's programme incorporates knowledge from various sectors (food, biomedical, pharmaceutical, environmental, etc.) to provide a well-rounded graduate-level curriculum in biomechanical engineering. In addition to fundamental (bio)chemical-scientific course units, you will take courses in socio-economics (company management, economics) and biotechnology (engineering, separation techniques, fermentation technology, molecular biology techniques, industrial biochemistry and microbiology, environmental technology, bioreactor design, etc.). A flexible cross-campus elective package and a master's thesis conducted in either a research-specific or industrial context enable you to focus your studies according to your specific interests and career goals.

Medical Bioengineering option

This option relates to biotechnological developments in the medical sector. Knowledge of human physiological systems (the cardiovascular system, neurophysiology, etc.) and medical engineering techniques form the foundation of developments in the area of artificial organs, tissue engineering, biomaterials, bioelectronics and new diagnostic techniques (microarray technology, PCR technology).

This is an initial master's programme and can be followed on a full-time or part-time basis.

Add an in-company or project-based learning experience to your master's programme

You can augment your master's programme with the Postgraduate Programme Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This programme is made up by a multifaceted learning experience in and with a company, with an innovative engineering challenge as the central assignment. It is carried out in a team setting, has a distinct international dimension, and usually requires a multidisciplinary approach. Entrepreneurs and students alike are encouraged to innovate, transfer knowledge and grow. It is a unique cross-fertilisation between company and classroom


Are you a future industrial engineer?

Are you a doer and are you fascinated by how and why things are done? Then you must be a future industrial engineer!

  • You enjoy looking into how to implement new ideas and improve old ones;
  • You prepare abstract designs for implementation in a business environment;
  • You like to link theory to practice;
  • You aim for a position of responsibility that allows you to apply your knowledge to concrete challenges in the day-to-day workings of a company;
  • You are eager to develop excellent communication and management skills.


The Master of Industrial Sciences in Biochemical Engineering is capable of:

  • · selecting, formulating, analysing and answering appropriately a research question of his own choice based on a theoretical or practical problem in his area of technology while taking into consideration the paradigms and making use of appropriate research technology.
  • · exploiting the potential of the natural world in general and life processes in particular for the benefit of a healthy, sustainable and high-quality society.
  • being professionally active in the areas of Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Bioengineering, Bioproduction, and Environmental Engineering.
  • continuing to build and to operate in a multifaceted manner in both an R&D and industrial engineering environment on the basis of a thorough knowledge of bioresearch methods and technology on the one hand and industrial production technology on the other.
  • managing technology and communicating efficiently the results of his own work, study and research.
  • continuing the process of self-education as well as coaching others in their development as individuals and professionals.
  • integrating relevant research, work and/or study experience acquired in a different environment either at home or abroad.
  • functioning and cooperating in multidisciplinary and international teams through project work and through an exchange of views and opinions.
  • recognizing and taking into consideration the ethical, economic, ecological and aesthetic aspects and implications of his actions.

International Students

Diversity and an open mind are vital elements in the international learning and work environment at the Group T campus. The student population, staff, and guests come from all corners of the world, turning our campus into a true intercultural nexus for bachelor- and graduate-level education, university-industry collaboration, innovation and professional development.

Advantages for international students

  • All of our undergraduate and graduate degree programmes are offered in English. English is ubiquitous both inside and outside the classroom. If you've mastered English, you'll feel right at home.
  • Admission to our programmes is not based on an entrance exam. Anyone with the necessary background can apply.
  • An engineering degree from KU Leuven's Group T campus is a stepping stone to universities and businesses worldwide. Our international network ensures that your degree is recognised by educational institutes and companies in Europe and across the globe.
  • Leuven is one of Europe's oldest university towns and is located in the heart of Western Europe - just 20 minutes from Brussels, and within easy reach of Paris, Amsterdam, and London.
  • Tuition fees are markedly lower than those of comparable universities in the US or the UK. Also, Leuven is a mid-sized university town, so cost-of-living expenses tend to be lower than those of other university towns.
  • The International Office at KU Leuven, Group T Campus has years of experience in welcoming international students from universities worldwide.
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Sept. 2017
Belgium - Leuven
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