Master of Science in Accounting and Taxation


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The Master of Science in Accounting and Taxation prepares students for careers in accounting and taxation. The program focuses on advanced technical competence in accounting and/or taxation, the effective use of technology in research and practice, effective communications with clients and other stakeholders, ethical responsibilities, and the development of life-long learning skills to maintain professional competence.

Students may select either an accounting or tax track.

The accounting track includes courses in accounting theory, international accounting, and accounting information systems. The tax track includes coverage of entity taxation, international taxation, tax research, and the taxation of estate and gifts.

The accounting and taxation program consists of 30 graduate credit hours. Of the 30 hours, 18 must be completed in the field of accounting and taxation. The remaining 12 hours must be completed in graduate business courses other than accounting and taxation, with at least 6 hours in the same field.


We will develop professional accountants possessing technological skills to become productive members of decision-making teams, with the ability to meet the needs of stakeholders in a high-tech, global environment. We achieve this by emphasizing the development of accounting skills within a business context and through the integration of technology skills throughout the accounting curriculum.

Learning Objectives

  • To provide students with current and in-depth knowledge of professional accounting standard and theories and their application within the context of business processes.
  • To help students understand the need to present reliable and relevant
    information to users in a style and manner that facilitates understanding and that focuses attention on critical issues and key facts.

Additional admission requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements, applicants to the master's program in accounting and taxation must meet the following criteria:

  • Earned 18 credit hours of upper division accounting courses, and
  • 27 credit hours of general business courses, with at least 12 credit hours at the upper division.
Last updated January 2018

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