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The Master of Real Estate Development + Urbanism is an interdisciplinary one-year graduate program that combines the strengths of the University of Miami’s Schools of Architecture, Business Administration, and Law to create a world-class program that blends the fundamentals of real estate development with livable community planning and design. The MRED+U program is 36 credits.

The MRED+U Program is designed to provide students with the skills and experience to compete in the evolving world of urban real estate development. The curriculum is enriched by the University’s location in one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets and by the School of Architecture faculty’s experience in community building. Course offerings include real estate finance, market analysis, real estate law, land use policies and codes, construction and project management, public-private partnerships, the development process, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship. The curriculum incorporates case studies and materials on mixed-use development, urban infill, the redevelopment and repositioning of urban properties, historic preservation, and the integration of design, policy, management and real estate development decision making in shaping the built environment of communities.


The outstanding MRED+U faculty include seasoned professionals, CEOs and distinguished scholars with decades of experience and multi-disciplinary skill sets that they bring into the classroom on a daily basis.

The MRED+U Program puts knowledge into action through real-world scenarios involving current challenges and opportunities. Our students collaborate with architecture studios and developers on projects exploring topics such as affordable and micro-housing, adaptive reuse of business and community districts, disruptive technologies, preservation development and adaption to sea-level rise. Our curriculum includes courses in architecture, construction management, development, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and law, all lead by outstanding industry professionals with renowned expertise and experience in their fields.

Mentorship Program

The MRED+U Mentorship Program is considered an extremely valuable and important part of the student experience. The Program provides students with direct access to knowledgeable industry professionals and allows mentors an opportunity to play an instrumental role in the development of an emerging real estate professional. The Mentorship Program is not an internship program; rather, it is an advisory relationship and dialog between an established and an emerging professional.


Internship Program


Provides our students with a hands-on opportunity to apply real estate fundamentals learned through their coursework; explore different areas of the real estate industry and gain valuable and practical experience. Internships also provide Advisory Board members and other potential employers with access to bright and talented students in the MRED+U program to assist with projects and research. Our formal Internship program enables the students to foster relationships with firms while offering potential employers a chance to evaluate students’ potential through on-the-job performance.

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An intrinsic philosophy of U-SoA’s faculty is to build a better world. This is expressed in a design program that is ideal and pragmatic, academic and practical, theoretical and actual. U-SoA trains v ... Read More

An intrinsic philosophy of U-SoA’s faculty is to build a better world. This is expressed in a design program that is ideal and pragmatic, academic and practical, theoretical and actual. U-SoA trains visionary practitioners who pursue architecture as a combination of civic art and building science. Read less