Master of Public Administration


Program Description

The Master of Public Administration at Virginia International University is designed to prepare students for a career in public management or related firms. Graduates of the MPA at VIU will be able to solve problems in the industry related to human resources, finance, project management, and leadership. Students will learn to oversee a diverse workforce and community in public, private, and non-profit structures. Students will learn to manage the mix of both local and regional needs in order to achieve the best results within a multifaceted range of governmental regulations and the political process.

Graduates from VIU's Master of Public Administration Program will be able to use their skills in a variety of areas in the DC-Metropolitan area, as well as outside the region and on a global scale. Typical places of employment for individuals with this degree include state and local government agencies, federal government agencies, public agencies, non-profit corporations, and many private and publicly held organizations worldwide.

The MPA program offers three (3) concentration areas for students to choose from:

  • Public Management
  • Information Systems
  • Health Care Administration and Public Health

Required Courses

Students in the MPA program will take twelve (12) classes. These include:

  • Seven (7) core courses, taken by all students in the program
  • Three (3) concentration courses, determined based on concentration area
  • Two (2) electives, selected by the student from a wide variety of options
  • Each graduate-level class is equivalent to three (3) credits. To complete the program, students must accumulate 36 credits.
  1. Students enrolled in the graduate program must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (B), out of 4.0, and a minimum of grade not less than 2.0 (C), out of 4.0, in all courses to qualify for the MPA degree to remain in good academic standing and to graduate. The maximum time frame permitted for the completion of any graduate program is 54 semester credits.
  2. Only graduate-level courses may be applied toward the degree. A master's student may transfer up to 12 semester hours of graduate credit earned at other accredited institutions.
  3. Beyond the prerequisites, the student must have completed 36 credit hours, of which 21 credit hours of required core courses and 15 credit hours of elective course must have been earned.
  4. No degree credit is earned by a graduate student for any grade below 2.0 (C), out of 4.0, received in a graduate-level course. However, any grades lower than 2.0 (C), out of 4.0, will be calculated in the grade point average.

Prerequisite Courses

There are three (3) prerequisite courses for the MPA program. Students should take one course from the Management Concepts category (either BUSS 301 or BUSS 312), one course from the Economic Concepts category (either ECON 101 or ECON 102), and one course from the Academic Writing Skills category (either ENGL 113 or ENGL 120). If students have taken similar courses at the undergraduate level they may transfer their credits for the related courses.


The program objectives of the Master Public Administration are designed to enable graduates to be successful in the multitude of employment positions that an MPA degree will garner including, government, organizational management, healthcare administration, and many more. Upon completion of the program, the graduates will be able to:

  • Prepare Public Managers to meet the needs and challenges of Public Service.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and knowledge of the political context of the duties of a public servant.
  • Exhibit ethical conduct while maintaining awareness of the large responsibilities of serving the public interest.
  • Become effective managers, specialists, and figureheads in both the public sector and public organizations.
Last updated January 2018

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