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Program Description

Master of Public Administration

Texas Tech University at Collin

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration program is offered by the Department of Political Science. The program is designed to provide students with the highest quality education in preparation for careers or advancement of careers and in public, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations.

Program Overview

  • The Master of Public Administration program stresses the acquisition of academic theory and practical skill to foster an ethical and enduring commitment to public service values. These values include serving the public interest with accountability and transparency; serving professionally with competence, efficiency and objectivity; acting ethically to uphold the public trust; and demonstrating respect, equity and fairness in dealings with the public and fellow workers.

The program provides students with a public service perspective to do the following:

  • Lead and manage organizations
  • Understand and contribute to public policy
  • Critically analyze policies, programs, problems, and issues and make pertinent recommendations
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written discourse with a diverse and changing workforce and public

The Master of Public Administration degree offers concentrations in the following areas:

  • Public Management
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Environmental Policy and Administration

At Texas Tech, we are deeply concerned about teaching as well as research, and we offer a quality education with a high degree of interaction among faculty and students. We are committed to challenging students in the classroom and to providing a "cutting-edge" education. As a result, our students are often involved in real-world projects—working with faculty in the Earl Survey Research Lab, assisting with Center for Public Service projects, or by providing a public service to community organizations through service learning projects.

Application Process

Applicants to the M.P. A. program should complete the Graduate School application process and submit two letters of reference. The application will require a $60 application fee.

Program Requirements

1. Must complete 39 hours of in-class coursework and a 3-hour internship.

  • 21 hours of required core curriculum
  • The remaining hours are courses that are grouped as a combination of courses in a concentration and, as determined by the advisor, electives.

2. The 3-hour internship can be substituted for in-service students with substantial public service work experience. In order to complete the required 42 hours, students who receive such approval will have a choice of submitting a report integrating their previous experience with the study of public administration or taking a 3-hour elective. There are no foreign language or thesis requirements.

3. M.P. A. students must develop their courses of study in consultation with the department's M.P. A. director.

4. Terminal M.P.A. graduate students are required to complete, submit, and orally present a degree portfolio at the conclusion of their degree program.

Most courses are offered online; however, some courses must be taken at a local college or university. Please see an advisor for clarification.

Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

American Politics

4 3-hour courses with a grade of C or better from the following courses

  • POLS 3300 Selected Topics in American Politics
  • POLS 3317 Campaigns and Elections
  • POLS 3318 Public Opinion
  • POLS 3319 Political Behavior
  • POLS 3323 Congress
  • POLS 3325 Political Parties
  • POLS 3327 The American Presidency
  • POLS 3351 The Judicial Process
  • POLS 3352 Constitutional Law
  • POLS 3353 Constitutional Law-Limitations

Comparative Politics

4 3-hour courses with a grade of C or better from the following courses

  • POLS 3302 Selected Elected Topics in Comparative Politics
  • POLS 3364 Comparative Foreign Policy
  • POLS 3372 Post-Communist Politics
  • POLS 3373 Governments of Western Europe
  • POLS 3375 South American Governments
  • POLS 3376 Asian Governments and Politics

International Relations

4 3-hour courses with a grade of C or better from the following courses

  • POLS 3301 Selected Topics in International Relations
  • POLS 3360 United States Foreign Policy
  • POLS 3363 International Organization
  • POLS 3365 War and Security
  • POLS 3366 International Political Economy
  • POLS 3367 International Bargaining and Security
  • POLS 3368 Transnational Issues

Policy and Public Administration

4 3-hour courses with a grade of C or better from the following courses

  • POLS 3303 Selected Topics in Policy and Administration
  • POLS 3328 Energy Politics and Policy
  • POLS 3329 Environmental Politics and Policy
  • POLS 3334 Sustainability: Energy, Environment, and Society
  • POLS 3341 The Administrative Process
  • POLS 3346 Public Policy Analysis
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