Master of Public Administration


Program Description

The graduate programs offered at Andrew Jackson University are designed for college graduates who currently hold or aspire to hold mid-level or executive positions. They are people who desire to advance and enrich their non-academic careers by a deeper and more thorough professional preparation in their chosen fields.

The master's degrees offered at Andrew Jackson University provide students with a thorough knowledge of a particular field and a mastery of the methods of productive scholarship. To help achieve the University Mission and Purpose, degree programs focus on the following criteria:

  • Each degree program first teaches students how to learn effectively and integrate knowledge so they can more effectively begin their studies. This process helps promote self-discipline, self-appraisal, and self-reliance.
  • Each degree program is administered by a faculty instructional team who will guide, teach, and motivate students. The increased confidence and greater sense of self-esteem students enjoy are reinforced through this regular interaction.
  • Each degree program is built around a solid and appropriate curriculum that reflects current knowledge and applications and requires students to develop advanced skills necessary for successful career advancement.
  • Each degree program promotes scholarship through the study of current texts and higher-level readings. Students will have the opportunity to learn central concepts and then analyze and apply these principles to interesting projects, papers, case studies, and application exercises to practical situations. These real-world applications encourage students to apply what they have learned to support others in the family, employment, and community settings.
  • Each degree program teaches students to inquire, research, measure, and reason. Although thesis research is not required, students will master the techniques of problem posing and problem-solving and use these processes to prepare a variety of written papers and reports. This use of research methods will help them gain an appreciation of the place and function of original investigation in their chosen fields.
  • Each degree program addresses ethical issues and incorporates assignments or activities that help students clearly develop or appraise their ideals for responsible living. These case studies and problem-solving dilemmas aid in self-revelation and self-appraisal and encourage students to fulfill their social, civic, and spiritual obligations.

The Master of Public Administration is a professional degree program that attracts those planning leadership or managerial careers in federal, state, or local government, as well as current public administrators who want to augment their professional experience. The program is designed to develop the insights and skills needed to plan and help formulate policy, and to organize, manage, and implement programs and operations. In seeking to develop these general competencies, studies discuss the political, social, economic, and legal context of public administration and offer broad-based training in management, organizational behavior, research methods, policy analysis, personnel, and budgeting.

A baccalaureate degree will qualify applicants to enter this program. Whether gained by undergraduate study or workplace experience, a familiarity with business statistics and introductory calculus is required.

Curriculum (36 credit hours)

  • GM 520 Survey of Public Administration 3 credit hours
  • GM 551 Powers of Government 3 credit hours
  • GM 552 Rights of the Individual 3 credit hours
  • GM 595 Research Methods for Public Administrators 3 credit hours
  • GM 625 Public Sector Economics 3 credit hours
  • GM 631 Public Human Resources 3 credit hours
  • GM 651 Public Budgeting 3 credit hours
  • GM 667 Comparative Public Administration 3 credit hours
  • GM 675Public Policy Analysis 3 credit hours
  • MG 615 Management Information Systems 3 credit hours
  • MG 641 Organizational Behavior 3 credit hours
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About the School

At Andrew Jackson University, this is what it has been all about since day one. When Robert Norris started the University in 1994, he had a dream of creating an education program that was accessible a ... Read More

At Andrew Jackson University, this is what it has been all about since day one. When Robert Norris started the University in 1994, he had a dream of creating an education program that was accessible and affordable. In the early days, Robert was proud of the motto - "We deliver quality education to your doorstep." Since the first day, our focus has been on our students, and we've grown with them. In 1994 the internet was still in its infancy, and distance education was delivered via paper the way it had been for a hundred years. Today, technology has taken distance education mobile. Our courses are flexible and can be taken anytime and anywhere. Our students have the freedom to complete their coursework when it fits their life. To assist them, our faculty have the same freedom - to teach our students anytime and anywhere. In 2008 we celebrate our 15th year and our 10th as an accredited institution. We've gone from being Robert's dream to a school with three named colleges and eleven-degree programs. At Andrew Jackson University, education is completely mobile. It truly can be taken anywhere, and our students get what they need, to go where they want to go! Mission Andrew Jackson University’s mission is to provide relevant education of the highest quality at a reasonable cost to working adults who seek career advancement and a more fulfilling life experience. This mission is supported by the development of Colleges within the University that not only fulfill the needs of the general population, but also address the learning requirements of specific professions that are underserved by mainstream academia. Read less