Master of Psychology: Theory and Research (Leuven)


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Program Description

KU Leuven's 'Master of Psychology: Theory and  Research' aims to guide students to become independent researchers in psychological science through:

  • thorough training in statistics and research methodology
  • the in-depth study of the basic disciplines of psychology, supplemented with a specialization in subdisciplines like neuroscience, perception, cognition and language, emotion, social and cross-cultural psychology, learning psychology, quantitative psychology and so on.

In addition to individual and group-based coursework, students become immersed in ongoing multidisciplinary research at the faculty.

Hands-on expertise

  • Master’s thesis: Students conduct independent psychological research in line with their own interests. Topics can range from fundamental to applied and frequently lead to publication in scientific peer-reviewed journals.
  • Internship: Students complete an internship (120 days) at one of our faculty research groups or choose from one of many top universities and institutes worldwide.


Acknowledging the increasing importance of international research experience in scientific and career development, students may complete their internship at one of the research groups of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at KU Leuven, or they can complete part or all of their internship outside Leuven. 

Internship coordinators and faculty members help students locate and arrange internships at international research groups around the world.

Our students have conducted their internships at top universities and institutes worldwide, including:

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Last updated Aug 2020

About the School

KU Leuven will host an online open day on 1 december. For more information, please visit

KU Leuven will host an online open day on 1 december. For more information, please visit Read less
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