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Master of Professional Studies

University of North Alabama

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The Master of Professional Studies (M.Pr.S) degree is an applied professional program with workforce development, organizational leadership, and personal development at the core of its mission. This graduate degree is designed to provide students an accessible, online, and affordable opportunity to achieve their educational and professional objectives.

The M.Pr.S degree is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The program is a 33 to 36 credit hour graduate degree program with a thesis or non-thesis option. It is not a graduate certificate program.

Through this program students will demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the nature and impact of major social, economic, and political forces, including population diversity, technological change, and globalization
  • the ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences
  • the ability to conduct research and utilize research findings as a foundation for decision making
  • an understanding of ethical bases for decision making
  • the ability to lead, negotiate, and resolve conflicts

Students will acquire and demonstrate these skills through a specific set of six required core courses and a set of four courses within one of the following specialization areas: Community Development, Security and Safety Leadership, and Information Technology.

Please call UNA's Department of Interdisciplinary and Professional Studies for more information

Areas of Specialization

In addition to the core component, students will take up to 15 credit hours of graduate coursework in one of the following areas of concentration:

Community Development: This concentration provides students with the knowledge and skills to assume leadership roles in the economic and social development of communities. Students will acquire the ability to work with citizens and community leaders to establish and help maintain viable and sustainable communities, improve human and social capital and help individuals and communities to reach their full potential. This multi-disciplinary professional program will make students familiar with aspects of community planning, urban growth, and change, heritage preservation, inter-organizational cooperation, community empowerment, attracting industries and labor to a community, ecological sustainability in communities, community capacity building, and other economic and social aspects of community development. The concentration will be appropriate for students planning careers in both the private and public sector.

Security and Safety Leadership: This concentration is designed to meet the professional development needs of students involved in the public or private safety sector. It is specially designed for students with experience or interest in law enforcement, the military, emergency management, disaster relief, corporate security, transportation security, public safety, hazards management, public health preparedness, and fire security. Students will gain familiarity with a wide range of homeland security issues, practices, and policies, including homeland security management, emergency response and disaster relief, inter-agency cooperation, leadership and performance management, the management of organizational change, and intelligence and strategic analysis. Students will graduate from the program with the ability to enhance the quality of life at community, regional, and national levels.

Information Technology: This concentration is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of current and evolving technologies in the Applied Information Technology (IT) field. Students will gain knowledge and skills enabling them to understand the principles underlying IT, understand technical and regulatory issues related to IT, apply IT best practices to enhance competitiveness and increase productivity, integrate IT into organizations, enhance IT awareness and literacy in organizations, and manage software and hardware cycles. This concentration will prepare students for careers in database systems management, informatics, information security, project management, software engineering, telecommunications management, and e-business development.

Entry Requirements

Please read the following information carefully.

In addition to the general requirements for admission to graduate studies (see General Regulations and Procedures), admission to the Master of Professional Studies degree program also requires the following:

  1. The applicant must possess a baccalaureate degree or equivalent from an institution accredited by one of the six U.S. regional accrediting associations, by one of the agencies recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education, or by an appropriate governmental agency in the country in which the institution is located. The baccalaureate degree must bear a strong substantive and conceptual relationship to the applicant's area of specialization within the MPrS degree.

  2. The applicant must have a graduating cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate study. As this degree program aims to enhance skill sets related to the professional work environment, applicants who do not meet the cumulative GPA standard but who demonstrate a minimum of three years of successful full-time work experience in a professional field may be admitted conditionally. Such applicants must have current and/or prior employers complete the Job Verification form. Employers will send this fillable form directly to Ms. Erin Froman ( Employment verification must be received before a student enrolls in a graduate course.

Conditionally admitted students will take no more than nine graduate-level credits their first semester and must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the first completed nine hours of graduate coursework in the M.Pr.S degree program. Conditionally admitted students must resolve outstanding admission obligations before registering for subsequent semesters.

  1. The applicant will submit a Letter of Intent (see below) for evaluation. The Letter of Intent must demonstrate the applicant's suitable for graduate level study in the MPrS program.


Step 1: Apply Online

To apply, go to and click on Getting Started.

Materials you will be required to upload to the online application include:

  • Letter of Intent - The letter of intent will introduce the applicant, address the reasons for applying, clearly identify the choice of concentration, and convey how the degree program will affect one's future career plans.
  • The Letter of Intent will convey how the applicant'sr baccalaureate education and/or work experience has prepared them for graduate studies within their MPrS area of specialization.
  • The Letter of Intent will identify possible graduate-level courses offered at UNA or other schools that may become part of the applicant's area of specialization (visit
  • The Letter of Intent is an important element in defining the applicant's suitability for acceptance.

Step 2: Request Letters of Recommendation

Three professional references must complete our fillable Recommendation Form and e-mail it to Ms. Erin Froman (

Step 3: Request Official Transcripts

Request official transcripts from each institution previously attended whether or not you received a degree from that institution. Transcripts from The University of North Alabama are required. Official transcripts can be sent through an electronic transcript service to or mailed directly from the previously attended institution to Office of Graduate Admissions, UNA Box 5078, Florence, AL 35632.

Step 4: Check Your Application Status

Visit the Applyweb Applicant Portal at and click on Application Status. You can then log in and view your checklist.
Please contact the Department of Interdisciplinary and Professional Studies with any questions you may have concerning admission requirements or the transfer of graduate credits hours.

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