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Master of Professional Studies

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Master of Professional Studies

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The Master of Professional Studies degree, M.Prof.., is the sought after degree for the professional active manager that takes a hands-on approach to solving a real world managerial problem. The purpose of the M.Prof. is to provide active managers with a flexible approach for the advanced study of a managerial problem important to their organization. Individuals pursuing this degree are interested in examining a relevant business problem from an applied and practical perspective in order to derive applicable outcomes for their organization. Given the applied nature of the program it is considered an inter-disciplinary degree that focuses on the solution of real world problems to the organization. It is often pursued with the direct support of the candidate’s company due to the intrinsic value of the program to the operations of the work-place.

The Master level degree enables the participant to examine a managerial problem in depth however it stops short of introducing newly developed knowledge by the student. This step is contained in the Doctoral level program, D.Prof. Individuals completing this degree are also immediately accepted into the Doctor of Professional Studies in the case that they wish to continue their studies and focus on generating new advanced knowledge for the problem at hand.

The degree is considered an alternative to the M.B.A., Master of Business Administration degree in so far as it focuses on an important question relevant to the participant’s organization and is not a general survey program of administration. This benefits the individual by providing them a deeper understanding and investigation of an important problem facing their company and enables them to develop practical solutions and outcomes that will directly affect the advancement of their career within their organization. Individuals entering this program have the intention of building upon their practical experience in the work-place and taking that experience to the next level. The degree is appropriate for mid-level managers who have a minimum of 5 year experience.


The M.Prof. is an internationally recognized degree equivalent to other Master degrees and is equivalent in standing to the M.B.A. designation.


The program may be followed fully as distance-learning option.

The outcome of the M.Prof. is typically a manuscript that identifies an applied solution to a current problem facing the candidate’s organization. Due to the applied nature of this program the study outcome may also be other types of work including: a critical computer program, a policy report, a detailed marketing report, new business venture, etc.

For consistency across programs candidates are required to complete a research methodology course that assist them in perfecting the design of their study. Once completed the student enters the study phase of the program and works with his/her supervisor to produce the study outcome. At the Master level there is no requirement to present the study outcome to Committee.

The evaluation of the M.Prof. degree is 100% based on the quality of the final study outcome as prepared in cooperation with the candidate’s supervisor/promoter as presented to the administration. Students have a limit of 48 months within which they complete the program.

Study Outcome

Each candidate is required to produce a study outcome with the support of their supervisor/promoter. The study outcome may take different forms depending on the nature of the issue and problem at hand. For some candidates the production of a critical piece of computer software integral to the organization may be the outcome. For others a complete marketing of new business venture and strategic plan may be the outcome while for others a new detailed policy with wide ranging effect on the organization may be the outcome.  At the Master level there is no requirement for the student to produce new knowledge, however a thorough examination and study of the relevant problem at hand is expected.

Entry Requirements

Program Available To

•Graduates from accredited undergraduate programs.

•Graduates from accredited master programs.

•Mid-level managers that lack an undergraduate degree but may otherwise demonstrate practical experience and critical knowledge of an industry. Min 5 years experience at a managerial level.

UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland Is A Registered Member Of ACBSP, ECBE and ACUNS

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Duration 24 - 48 months
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