Master of Physics (Leuven)


Program Description

KU Leuven's Master of Physics is a research based master’s programme in which you can master the skills demanded by the field, and specialise in one of three major research profiles:

  • Condensed Matter Physics: Cluster Physics, Surface and Interface Physics, Correlated Electron Systems, Semiconductor Physics, Soft Matter Physics, Physics of Biosystems.
  • Nuclear Physics: Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Structure of Exotic Nuclei: Decay Reactions and Laser Spectroscopy, Theoretical Nuclear Physics.
  • Theoretical Physics: Complex Systems, Cosmology, Mathematical Physics, String Theory.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will have acquired skills including the ability to make sound judgments informed by current research, the ability to solve physical problems, and exhibit critical understanding of the role that physics plays in society today, as well as communication and team working skills.


After a semester with advanced courses in different disciplines of physics, you choose a major research profile consisting of advanced and specialised courses and a master’s thesis (30 ECTS).

The remaining 30 ECTS allow you to follow one of two options:

  • The Research Option prepares you for a career in academia or industry, and you broaden your research skills by choosing a minor research domain, complemented by a research internship, or other courses.
  • The Physics in Society Option offers you the opportunity to prepare for a career outside academia, through courses in entrepreneurship, or via an internship.


  • While making master’s thesis you will perform original research as a member of one of the research teams of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
  • The master’s programme is taught by leading international experts in their field.
  • The academic staff and students at the Department of Physics and Astronomy offer you an international and approachable atmosphere.

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Last updated Aug 2020

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KU Leuven is the highest ranked university of Belgium.

KU Leuven is the highest ranked university of Belgium. Read less