M.Sc and PhD Dgrees with the following specializations:

  • Applied Geophysics
  • Geology

Professional Master’s Degree with the following specializations:

  • Master of Exploration Geophysics (MEG)
  • Master of Hydro Geology (MHG)
  • Master of Mineral Exploration (MME)
  • Master of Petroleum Exploration (MPE)
  • Master of Mining Geology (MMG)

Admission Requirements:

M.Sc Applied Geophysics is open to graduates of Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Geology and Land Surveying who earned minimum of 2nd Class Honours (Lower Division) in the first degree in the relevant fields. Candidates with their first degree in Geology, Engineering and Surveying are expected to have studies Mathematics or Physics and preferably both, up to 200-level. Candidates with their first degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, or Surveying would be expected to have taken some undergraduate courses in Geology, if not, on admission, they would take some recommended courses in Geology.

M.Sc Geology is open to graduates in Geology only with, at least, 2nd Class Honours (Lower Division) in the first degree in Geology.

Professional Master’s Degree Programmes: The Professional Master’s Degree is open to graduates who earned minimum of 3rd Class Honours in the first degree or HND at upper credit level in relevant fields with a Postgraduate Diploma.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants with HND/Third Class Degree should be made to undergo a Postgraduate Diploma before they could qualify for the Professional Masters in Earth Sciences.

Program taught in:

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