The Master of Marketing Analysis is a one-year full-time study (or two-year part-time study) about analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Business Intelligence topics in English covering data-mining techniques. More specifically, the study mainly focuses on: Analytical Customer Relationship Management/customer intelligence (i.e., using data-mining techniques to uncover Knowledge in Databases (KDD)), as well as market/marketing research.

Ghent University has been offering this high-level advanced-master degree since October 1999.

Our graduates all gained important positions in large and medium-sized companies around the world (from Brussels over London & Toronto to Singapore, Seoul and Shanghai). Most companies especially value the many practical skills our students acquired during the many real-life projects they performed during their study of the Master of Marketing Analysis. Since the academic year 2006-2007, MMA projects are also international. Apparently with a positive result, because all 6 MMA students involved were offered a job at DunnHumby Ltd. (London, UK) upon completion of the project. During the academic year 2007-2008, again four MMA students wrote their master thesis about a project at DunnHumby Ltd.

The education of CRM specialists involves teaching students aspects from three disciplines: 1. Marketing & Marketing Research, 2. IT (databases), and 3. Statistics and Data Mining. What makes our advanced master program unique is the fusion of the technical aspects (IT, statistics & data mining) with the business knowledge and insights. This clearly differentiates our graduates from e.g. general MBA programs as well as master in statistics programs.

Core Content: Customer Intelligence

In an increasingly competitive world, just competing on superior product performance has become very tough. Therefore, companies have turned toward leveraging existing customer relationships. Actively managing customer relationships includes the following objectives:

1. Acquisition (identifying & attracting new customers)

2. Cross/up-selling (profitable usage stimulation)

3. Retention (identifying customers who intend to attrite/churn, and trying to keep profitable customers)

4. Recapturing lost customers

Each of these objectives can be supported by analytical tools powered by traditional statistical techniques or data mining algorithms. Hence, the field of analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) has seen stellar growth.

This new approach to conducting business has been acknowledged by book authors such as Thomas Davenport & Jeanne Harris in 'Competing on Analytics' (2007) and Ian Ayres in 'Super Crunchers' (2007). The MMA program is not a master in marketing management, but it focuses on research and highlights mostly quantitative issues. The target group consists of both people with working experience and young graduates who feel the need for an in-depth education in marketing analysis. By bringing together a group of motivated students and teachers, and by dynamic and multimedia teaching methods, the Department of Marketing is striving to transfer in-depth knowledge of the marketing field.


Participants of the Master of Marketing Analysis are asked to carry out a real-life project in small groups in cooperation with a particular company. The purpose is to solve a problem in the field of marketing analysis and marketing communications. No courses are provided from April to June, enabling participants to work full time on the project. The integrating project offers participants the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and competences. At the end of June, participants will provide teaching staff and company-internal supervisors a presentation of the project.

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Ghent University - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

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Last updated May 13, 2019
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