Master of Management Studies

The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

Program Description

Master of Management Studies

The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

Jumpstart your career

Recent graduates looking to truly stand out as they launch a career choose this 10-month Master of Management Studies program. You’ll combine a foundation in multiple business disciplines with the practice of new skills to create a springboard for your future. Working with an international peer group and our world-renowned faculty, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different opportunities as you take the next steps toward your future

Get down to business

In less than a year, you’ll develop a strong base in strategy, management, accounting, marketing, operations, and finance. You’ll be able to hit the ground running on whatever path you choose.

Outpace the ordinary

Combined with your academic knowledge, the collaborative skills and professional presence you gain in this program make you more attractive to hiring managers. You’ll have a leg up now, and over the course of your career.

Plot new directions

Starting a club or visiting a new country will help you discover roles and opportunities you never considered. Engaging with industry speakers and gaining experience through case competitions ensures you’ll grow outside your comfort zone.

Join forces

Peers with a wide array of life experiences will challenge and inspire you in ways that build your professional network and create friendships that last a lifetime. You’ll also join a circle of 160,000+ Duke alumni worldwide, connecting you with resources and relationships that expand your set of opportunities.

Gain the skills to take the lead

The structure of the Master of Management Studies program is designed to ground you in each of the functional areas of business, while helping you explore different industries or opportunities you may want to pursue. Here, you’ll find classes and experiences that help you take initiative, push your limits, and develop the skills you’ll need to launch a career you love.

Getting started

The 10-month format is a jump start on your future. In mid-July your program starts in Durham, NC with a launch experience and set of workshops that prepare you for the curriculum. It’s an exhilarating introduction to the international peer group you’ll be working closely with—in your section, and on your learning team.

The rest of your program is organized into five 6-week terms. In less than a year, you’ll be ready to start your career in finance, marketing, consulting, or general management.

Our Learning Environment

Team-Based Learning

What sets Fuqua apart is the way we structure our programs—as learning teams. You’ll collaborate on coursework and projects with a team of 4–6 students hand-picked to ensure you learn from people with different backgrounds. Replicating a corporate environment, you’ll learn as much from your team experience as you do from your courses—gaining an understanding of the ways drawing strength from others leads to better results.

Term Structure

Over five terms you’ll complete 15 courses: six in accounting, economics, and finance; two in analytics and critical thinking; two in communication and leadership; and five in markets, strategy, and management. You’ll take multiple subjects each term, with each class meeting twice a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Here is a sample structure:

  • Orientation and Workshops (3 days)
  • Summer Term (6 weeks)
    • Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • Business Communication I
    • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Fall Term 1 (6 weeks)
    • Introduction to Marketing Analysis
    • Foundations of Corporate Finance
    • Fundamentals of Business Economics
  • Fall Term 2 (6 weeks)
    • Foundations of Capital Markets
    • Business Communication II
    • Principles of Strategy
  • Spring Term 1 (6 weeks)
    • Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Market Intelligence
    • Principles of Cost and Managerial Accounting
  • Spring Term 2 (6 weeks)
    • Foundations of Management and Organizations
    • Fundamentals of Financial Analysis
    • Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management


Hit the ground running

Fuqua’s curriculum covers all the bases when it comes to business. You’ll gain a core foundation in accounting, finance, economics, marketing, strategy, operations, management, and decision science. But you’ll also build professional capabilities, developing the analytical, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills that will make you stand out in any role. In just 10 months, you’ll be ready to contribute value in whatever aspect of business most interests you.

Teaching Methods

Your courses will include a mix of lecture, case studies, exercises, strategic games, corporate visits, and guest speakers. Professors use actual business problems to help you consider solutions, and you’ll also learn from real-world projects—like creating a marketing plan to launch a new Burt’s Bees toothpaste. Because so much of your learning happens through debate and analysis, you’re expected to be an active participant in class discussion. This approach challenges you to think practically, critically, and creatively, preparing you to tackle business problems from multiple perspectives.

Honor Code

Fuqua is serious about ethical leadership, and we create a climate of integrity. All members of our community are governed by Fuqua's Honor Code. By electing to join our community, in turn, you will be expected to abide by our standards of honesty and integrity.

Experiential Learning

Go beyond the classroom

The MMS program offers many exciting opportunities to explore new industries and see how the academic concepts you’re learning apply in real-world situations. Meeting with companies and engaging with leaders helps you explore the many different aspects of business, while building the skills and confidence you’ll need to succeed on your career path.

Corporate Visits

These opportunities enable you to see, hear, and feel how companies do things. You’ll tour workplaces, meet employees and managers, and attend panel discussions to learn about industries, job functions, company culture, business challenges, and employment opportunities. These kinds of visits help you clarify your own career goals and get a better working knowledge.

With site visits ranging to companies like ABB, Bloomberg, Accenture, Macquarie Group, Self-Help, Square1 Bank, and Oppenheimer Funds, you’ll explore many different aspects of business including strategy, operations, marketing, venture capital, startup management, and social impact.

Previous students have visited:

  • Cisco Systems, a global leader in internet networking
  • Ogilvy & Mather, an international advertising, marketing, and public relations agency
  • Burt’s Bees, a national producer of environmentally friendly personal care products
  • Washington Nationals, a major league baseball team

Our Career Management Center is always on the lookout for companies that may be interested in hosting a student group. If you’re interested in visiting a specific corporation, get in touch with the CMC, and they’ll reach out to see what’s possible.

Industry Conferences

A wide range of student clubs organize conferences designed to help students in all programs dive deeper into industries like marketing, sustainability, finance, and health care. Each conference typically includes keynotes and panel discussions with managers and executives from different companies, discussing issues in the field or emerging trends. These events provide many informal opportunities to engage with alumni and recruiters in the industry, along with formal networking receptions. You don’t need to be a member of the club to participate. Whether you’re exploring all options or pursuing a specific company interest, conferences help build your professional knowledge.


Our Distinguished Speaker Series has been running for more than 30 years. High-profile corporate executives share their personal and professional stories of how they’re actively changing the business world—and give you an insider look at the industry or career issues they navigate.


Get the info you need

You’ll find the MMS: Foundations of Business program offers you a competitive skill-set for your entry into the business world. Acceptance is based on the ability to excel academically and in the business community.

We offer two Master of Management Studies degrees—MMS: Foundations of Business and MMS: Duke Kunshan University. You can only apply to one of these programs in an application year, and you cannot switch programs while you are a student, so we encourage you to understand which program best fits your interests and goals before you apply.

Our MMS Admissions counselor, Elizabeth Jones, is standing by to help you understand which program might be right for you and answer your questions as you go through our admissions process.

We are accepting applications for the next MMS: FOB Class, which starts in July 2018 and graduates in May 2019.

If you are:

Looking for a merit-based scholarship: We encourage students to apply early for the best chance of receiving merit-based scholarships; however, we will still make awards to deserving candidates in every admission round.

Applying from another country: International students requiring an F-1 visa, who are not already studying in the U.S. and are eligible for a transfer, must apply no later than the Round 2 deadline to ensure sufficient time for visa processing.

Reapplying: You are strongly encouraged to apply by the Round 2 deadline.

Ready to commit to Fuqua: The Early Action option is ideal for applicants who have completed their graduate business school research and have decided that Fuqua is the best school for them. Applicants admitted in the Early Action round must withdraw any applications submitted to other schools and submit a tuition deposit and official transcript(s) by November 14, 2017.

Admissions Details

  1. Research Us - Decide if we're a good fit
  2. Plan Ahead - Contact recommenders, prep for GMAT/GRE
  3. Work on Application - Create resume, draft essays
  4. Submit Best Application - Share your story and goals
  5. Interview - By invitation on campus or via Skype
  6. Receive a Decision

Selection Criteria

A good match is important from both sides—yours and ours—so we take a holistic approach to considering each candidate. All the components of your application give you the chance to demonstrate your strengths and your fit with Fuqua. You’ll be considered a strong applicant if:

  • We’re confident you will be successful in our program
  • You’ll add value to your peers and to Fuqua through your academic, personal, and professional experiences
  • You believe diversity in thought and background are important within your community
  • You demonstrate competence, character, and purpose and have strong potential to be a leader who is a positive force for change

Professional Experience

Although not required for admission, any prior work experience you’ve had helps us understand how you have developed leadership and teamwork skills, as well as maturity, on both professional and personal levels.

  • There is no minimum work experience required for this program.
  • Any paid or unpaid work experience will be considered, including volunteer positions, part-time work, student clubs and activities, and internships.
  • You should have no more than 2 years of full-time, post-graduate work experience.
  • In your application, show us how your previous experiences will contribute to the Fuqua learning environment.

Aptitude & Proficiency

The MMS: Foundations of Business program is rigorous and fast-paced, requiring strong quantitative and analytical skills. Fuqua values differences and unique points of view, so we admit applicants with:

  • Various undergraduate degrees and professional backgrounds
  • A range of GPAs and GMAT/GRE scores

Because the MMS: FOB academic environment requires strong quantitative and analytical skills, the admissions committee pays particular attention to the quantitative segment of your test score to ensure you can handle the rigor of the program.

If you do not have a strong quantitative background, we recommend that you take courses such as statistics, calculus, or finance to show your quantitative aptitude.

English Proficiency

Applicants for whom English is a second language are encouraged to submit a score from an English proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE), but these scores are not required to complete your application. Visit Application Instructions for more information.

Tell Your Story

Your resume, application essays, recommendations, and interview are what weave fit, passion, and impact together into your "story." No one part is more important than the other, so give each one your best. And most importantly, just be you.


You must include a current 1-page professional resume. Please start with your current position and include employment information (full and part-time) and relevant volunteer work, internships, or student club or organization positions. Your education section should show dates of attendance and degrees received.


Your essays allow us to get to know you as a person—what drives you and inspires you. You have the chance here to fill in any gaps or provide extra details on key areas of your application.


Recommendations provide a third-party perspective on your ability to succeed at Fuqua. One recommendation should reflect your performance in a professional or volunteer setting, and the other should come from a current or former professor and reflect your performance in an academic setting. Prepare your recommenders so they represent you well and showcase aspects of you that are not reflected in other areas of the application.


We do not offer open interviews for MMS candidates. Interviews will be extended by invitation after careful review of your application materials. Most interviews will occur via Skype; North Carolina residents may have the opportunity to interview on campus by invitation. Both formats carry equal weight in the admissions process. Interviews are conducted with individual applicants by staff, alumni, or select second-year MBA students.

During your interview, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Show us your interpersonal skills
  • Discuss your educational background and personal interests
  • Demonstrate how you and Fuqua are a good fit

Application Instructions

We want you to submit your best possible application, so please read all the instructions on this page so that you’re familiar with our requirements and the process of applying. We appreciate your taking the time to ensure you are submitting a complete application package. If you’re considering both of our Master of Management Studies (MMS) programs, please remember:

  • You may apply to only one of the two programs in a single application year.
  • You cannot switch programs while you are a student.

We encourage you to explore both programs—MMS: Foundations of Business and MMS: Duke Kunshan University—to learn which one is the best fit for your interests and goals.


  • You must have earned, or expect to earn, a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university by the start of the program.
  • If you already have an MBA or its equivalent, you are not eligible.
  • If you have more than 2 years of full-time, post-graduate work experience, please contact Elizabeth Jones, our MMS Admissions counselor to review your eligibility.

The admissions committee can only review completed application packages. If you have questions after looking over the information on this page, please email our MMS Admissions counselor.

The Fuqua application is only available online, and it includes sections on both personal and program information.

Personal information needed:

  • Educational background
  • Transcripts
  • Employment history
  • Resume
  • Activities and achievements
  • Self-reported test scores
  • Essays

Application basics:

  • You’ll need to create a user ID and password to access the system.
  • You may access the application as many times as you like before submitting it.
  • Detailed application instructions are available in the online system.
  • Your application will not be evaluated until you submit it and all supporting materials are received and verified.
  • You may only apply to one admissions round in a given application year.
  • You cannot apply to both Master of Management Studies programs concurrently. Contact Elizabeth Jones, our MMS Admissions counselor, to determine which program would be the best fit for you.

Application Requirements

  • Transcripts
  • Questions and Essays
  • 1-Page Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GMAT or GRE
  • Application Fee
  • Interview Process
  • Re-Applicants
  • Non-U.S. Applicants
This school offers programs in:
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