Master of Linguistics and Literature: English (Leuven)


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Program Description

The Master of Linguistics and Literature: English (Leuven) will expand your knowledge and command of the English language, and bring a new appreciation of literature and culture. Research-based teaching will allow you to benefit from KU Leuven’s internationally renowned scholars in English linguistics and literature. You will also be encouraged to develop your critical and research skills by way of seminars and your personal, master’s thesis.

What is the program all about? 

The program emphasizes the academic study of English in all its aspects, ranging from the theoretical and historical study of the English language and literature to creative mastery of the living language, both spoken and written. The curriculum combines theoretical courses with seminars and is designed to develop your academic skills and communicative ability.

Benefiting from the research and expertise of English scholars at the Faculty of Arts, students from Belgium and abroad live and study in a vibrant international atmosphere where they further master both their proficiency in English and their methodological, critical-theoretical, and heuristic skills.

Our team of internationally renowned experts will prepare you for a career in communications, intercultural relations, education, translation, linguistics, and research, not to mention the avenues offered in the vast media sector.

Is this the right program for me?

  • You have thoroughly studied English from three perspectives: language acquisition, linguistics, and literary criticism.
  •  You have developed an insight into the links between different disciplines dealing with the English language, its literature, and the English-speaking world.
  • You have acquired basic methodological and heuristic skills, including familiarity with IT research tools.
  • You have already communicated your findings in clear and accurate language, for instance in written assignments or an undergraduate paper.
  • You are interested in the cultural debate regarding English and want to take part in it.


The main goal of the program is to broaden and deepen students' knowledge of English linguistics and literature, both in its theoretical aspects and its applications. The overall aim of the programme is to train highly proficient students of English to investigate and situate relevant linguistic and literary research topics in an autonomous way and to communicate their findings and insights effectively.

This aim implies an excellent command of English as a prerequisite for research and scientific communication. It also implies a good grasp of research procedures, including systematic training in methodology and experience in sustained research, e.g. through the writing of an MA dissertation under the supervision of qualified staff members.

Building on BA degrees in languages and literature (including English), the program emphasizes the development of a sound theoretical and methodological framework, the ability to take part in critical debates about data and research findings, and the stimulation of independent thinking.

Career opportunities

  • When combined with a teacher-training certificate, this degree represents a solid qualification for graduates who wish to teach English in secondary or higher education.
  •  Graduates gain a thorough familiarity with leading contemporary research in a particular field of English linguistics or literary criticism and are thus perfectly equipped for research at a higher level (Ph.D. programs/research projects, etc.).
  • Graduates develop the communicative skills required to report, both orally and in writing, on research findings and insights. Those skills can be used in a broad range of professional contexts where the ability to digest, synthesize, and present complex phenomena are essential.

Start your career, during your studies

The Student Career Center is happy to put you on the right track towards your first work experience. The center also coaches you in the search for an interesting job and helps you with job interviews. For students wanting to start their own business KU Leuven also has Lcie, the KU Leuven community that encourages students with innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.

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Last updated Mar 2020

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