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The Master of Information Systems (MIS) program provides the knowledge to successfully apply information systems theory and principles to address real-world business opportunities and challenges. Under the guidance of practitioner faculty, the graduate student will use innovative digital materials to understand the role of business systems within the organization, to understand and apply the principles of systems analysis and design, to analyze and evaluate information technologies, and to create a project, risk, and information systems strategic plans.

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When the University of Phoenix was founded more than three decades ago, the leading edge of the Baby Boom generation was just turning 30 and the first personal computers were introduced. The mission o ... Read More

When the University of Phoenix was founded more than three decades ago, the leading edge of the Baby Boom generation was just turning 30 and the first personal computers were introduced. The mission of the University of Phoenix is to provide access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities. Purposes To facilitate cognitive and effective student learning--knowledge, skills, and values -- and to promote the use of that knowledge in the student's workplace. To develop competence in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and information utilization, together with a commitment to lifelong learning for enhancement of students' opportunities for career success. To provide instruction that bridges the gap between theory and practices through faculty members who bring to their classroom not only advanced academic preparation but also the skills that come from the current practice of their professions. To provide General Education and foundational instruction and services that prepare students to engage in a variety of university curricula. To use technology to create effective modes and means of instruction that expand access to learning resources and that enhance collaboration and communication for improved student learning. To assess student learning and use assessment data to improve the teaching/learning system, curriculum, instruction, learning resources, counseling and student services. To be organized as a for-profit institution in order to foster a spirit of innovation that focuses on providing academic quality, service, excellence, and convenience to the working adult. To generate the financial resources necessary to support the University's mission. Benefits of University of Phoenix Online It was in this context that Dr. John Sperling, a Cambridge-educated economist, and professor-turned-entrepreneur, anticipated the confluence of technological, economic and demographic forces that would herald the return of working adults to higher education. He saw a growing need for institutions that were sensitive to and designed around the learning characteristics and life situations of the working adult population. He suggested how institutions would pioneer new approaches to curricular and program design, teaching methods, and student services. These beliefs eventually resulted in the creation of the University of Phoenix and they continue to inspire the University's mission, purposes, and strategies today. Mission and Purposes - Attend class at times and places that fit your schedule. - Complete 100% of your education via the Internet, including all administration, registration, and book buying. - Earn your online education degree in two or three years. - Take classes one at a time for 5 to 6 weeks each, so you can focus on each subject. - Acquire skills and expertise that are in high demand with programs that are continually updated. - Learn from the most effective combination of theory and practical experience; all faculty hold a master's or doctoral degree and work in the fields they teach. - Learn with other experienced professionals from various corporations and organizations across the country, and around the world. - Apply your coursework immediately in your work environment. - Benefit from the nation's leading online university, whose online format has proven successful for thousands of graduates since 1989. - Professional training and previous education can be used to fulfill some credit requirements. - Financing is available. - Tuition costs may be partially tax-deductible. - University of Phoenix Online college education qualifies for most employer reimbursement plans. Read less