Master of General Psychology

ADMISSION: on documents;

REQUIREMENTS: applicants with acquired Bachelor degree on Psychology or similar humanitarian programs, higher education, recognized in EU; average rating of the Diploma - Good; document for English language proficiency.

DURATION: 1,5 years (3 semesters).

DIPLOMA: Master of General Psychology

The graduates of the MA in General Psychology:

  • will have in-depth knowledge of current theoretical and methodological approaches and developments in the field of psychology;
  • will be able to think critically and substantiated about key issues in psychology;
  • will be able to conduct research in areas related to psychology;
  • will be equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is relevant to positions in education, business, research, and counselling.

General Psychology provides students with a foundation of a wide range of psychological concepts, critical thinking skills and ability to apply knowledge gained toward a better understanding of psychological phenomena in daily life. The MA program in General Psychology is designed to ensure experience in understanding and conducting psychological research and ensures a number of options for future career development, i.e. human relations, marketing, advertising, management, education, and business.

Program offers an overview of the entire field of psychology. It outlines the underlying principles and approaches believed to guide human behavior, including biological factors, learning, memory, social cognition, intelligence, emotion, and personality.

Students who have completed this program will be expected to: evaluate the quality of information with an open but critical mind/ demonstrate knowledge and understanding of biological mechanisms of behavior and thinking/ understand the nature of psychology as a science and basic research methods applied in psychology/ demonstrate knowledge and understanding of major perspectives in psychology/ understand major applied areas of psychology (e.g. health, counseling, and organizational)/ apply psychological knowledge to every-day life in view to fosters personal growth and self-awareness and promote awareness and understanding of others/ have practice and counselling foundations in all fields of psychology concerned/ be prepared to work under supervision or practice.

The graduates of the MA program in General Psychology can enter a wide variety of careers in education, human services, medicine, and social work, various state agencies, human relations, public relations, marketing, social research, advertising, management, and business in general. With additional graduate training the graduates of the MA program in General Psychology can prepare themselves for work in the field of counseling professions.

Note: The fees are €1000 per semester for EU students and €2000 per semester for non-EU students. All excellent students study FREE of any charges.

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Program taught in:
  • English

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Oct 2019
3 semesters
1,000 EUR
per semester for EU students; €2000 per semester for non-EU students
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Start Date
Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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