Master of Finance


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Program Description

Program name: Master of Finance
DGP key:
Normal period to graduate: 4 semesters
Credits: 100
Degree that confers: Master in Finance
Campus where it is offered: Hermosillo

Program description

General purpose

To train professionals with competences in the economic-financial area, with solid theoretical and practical knowledge that contribute to maximize the value of companies, as well as the proper management of personal finances, in local, national and global environments, always applying the ethics of the profession.

Specific objectives

  • Evaluate and plan financial strategies of new companies or ongoing companies.
  • Diagnose the problems detected in the financial management of companies and individuals.
  • Based on the diagnosis made, propose solutions to the financial and economic problems detected.
  • Develop economic and financial strategies for companies to optimize their results.
  • Advise companies, individuals and families on the best options for investment, financing and managing risk.
  • Acquire the professional skills to advise the granting of financial services in the different institutions.
  • Promote greater financial education, both in people and in small companies, which allows them to make better financial decisions.
  • Perform in the field of research and teaching, participating in research centers and institutions of higher education.

What Will Your Competencies Be When You Finish The Program?

Egress Profile

The graduate of this master's degree will develop as a professional, in the field of corporate finance, investments and financial markets with interaction in organizations, in national and global environments and will value the ethical implications in their decisions.

Will develop the following professional competences:

  • Analyze, interpret and propose financial, administrative and organizational alternatives.
  • Design and implement strategies for managing financial resources.
  • Optimize the financial resources of the company.
  • Minimize financial risk in organizations.
  • It will implement digital resources in the analysis and financial management.
  • It will generate business opportunities in international environments.
  • He will act under ethical principles and transparency in his professional performance.


Curricular map


List of subjects


  • Financial analysis
  • Quantitative methods applied to finances
  • Computer resources specialized in finance
  • Seminar on innovation projects and financial improvement I
  • Applied financial economics
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Markets and financial institutions
  • Seminar on innovation projects and financial improvement II
  • Economic engineering
  • Financial investments
  • Corporate finance
  • Seminar on innovation projects and financial improvement III
  • Risk management and financial hedges
  • Seminar on innovation projects and financial improvement IV
  • Optional I
  • Optional II


  • Personal finances
  • Small business finance
  • Stochastic models for finance
  • Financial law
  • Real estate
  • Financial engineering
  • Design and administration of pension system
  • Treasury management
  • international finances

Lines of generation and / or application of knowledge of the program.

  • Business and Personal Finance
  • Markets and Financial Institutions

Basic Academic Core

Dr. Francisco Vargas Serrano

Dr. Carlos G. Pacheco

How to enter this postgraduate course?

Entry requirements

  • Possess a bachelor's degree that belongs to the field of economic-administrative sciences or related discipline and professional license.
  • Submit and pass the EXANI III admission exam.
  • Present the diagnostic test.
  • Accreditation of 400 TOEFL ITP points, 54 of the IBT, or the B1 of the CEFR, creditable with a date of no more than two years or presenting an exam (Must be submitted no later than at the time of registration).
  • Selection interview.
  • Foreign students in addition to the above requirements, must meet the requirements indicated in the regulations and demonstrate understanding of Spanish as a second language.

Required documents

  • Application for admission (Perform online filling).
  • Notarized copy of the degree certificate (graduates of the Universidad de Sonora do not require a notarized copy, in the case of foreign degrees, with an official translation into Spanish and certified by the competent authority).
  • Copy of the professional ID.
  • Notarized copy of the certificate of undergraduate studies, indicating the total of credits covered and with a minimum average of 80 (Eighty in a scale of 1 to 100) in the undergraduate course (graduates of the Universidad de Sonora do not require a notarized copy).
  • Letter of exposure of income reasons.
  • Four photographs child size (black and white).
  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate and copy of the CURP.
  • Curriculum Vitae (consult online format).
  • Proof of creditable TOEFL with a date no longer than two years or submit exam.
  • Proof of EXANI III of CENEVAL (must be submitted no later than the time of enrollment) creditable with a date of no more than two years or submit exam.
  • Minimum proposal of national or international research subject framed in one of the lines of the program: a) Business or personal finance; b) Markets and financial institutions.
  • The points not foreseen in this call will be resolved by the Academic Committee of the postgraduate course.

Admission profile

The applicant must have a solid professional background with work experience in administrative, accounting, financial or business activities, in addition to having the following knowledge and skills:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of accounting, mathematics, spreadsheet and economics.
  • Proficiency in the Spanish language in oral and written expression (communication skills).
  • Proficiency in the English language that allows reading texts and specialized articles (450 TOEFL points).
  • Skills in: Analysis of problems and decision making; Research in finance; Teamwork; Negotiation and; Willingness to change

What do you need to get the degree?

Qualification requirements

To obtain a master's degree, you must:

  • Approve the total credits and meet the other requirements established in the corresponding graduate program.
  • Proof of understanding a language other than Spanish, as established by the Academic Committee of the Postgraduate Program according to the study program.
  • Pass the examination of grade in the written phase and in the oral phase before a jury named ex profeso.
  • Comply with the provisions and requirements demanded by the School Services Office for the issuance of the degree.

The written phase will consist in the presentation of an individual work by the student, that follows a scientific methodology and that supposes diagnoses and proposals of development linked to the professional field.

The oral phase will consist of approving the total credits and other requirements established in the syllabus, having approved the written phase and defending the proposal by a jury appointed exprofeso.

The Coordinator of the Program will be responsible for applying the procedure established for the realization of the oral phase.

Titration options

This Master's degree with professional orientation, takes into consideration the different forms of qualification established in the Regulation of Postgraduate Studies, as well as other options contemplated in the respective plans and study programs, approved by the Academic College, where the postgraduate program will regulate the procedure for the presentation and approval of the terminal or thesis work, for the written and oral phases.

The terminal work must be systematically associated to work done or feasible to be carried out in the development of the companies, or in related places in the socioeconomic field of the postgraduate course as financial intermediaries (Banks, pension, insurance and surety companies, among others), regulators of the financial sector, among others.

How much does it cost to study this postgraduate course?

Cost of the EXANI-III

The registration fee for applicants to the postgraduate program at the Universidad de Sonora is announced annually along with the first entry notice. You can check the call in these fees and discounts by subject.

Registration and tuition fees

Students, when enrolling in any of the graduate programs, must cover the corresponding fees according to the current minimum wage.

The cost of services and infrastructure is $ 12,000.00 per school year (in the first semester only 50% of this fee is paid), foreigners will pay special fees according to the quota regulations.

Start of courses: August 10, 2020.

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Dr. Francisco Vargas Serrano
Program coordinator
Ave. Reforma and Blvd. Colosio, Colonia Centro Building 7A. Hermosillo, Sonora.
Tel: +52 (662) 2592129, +52 (662) 2592168
Web page:

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