Our aim is to prepare a new generation of leaders in the world of Fashion, Design and Luxury Management. The complete programs give a high specialization and offer a specific preparation for the most attractive management professions ...

During this course, you will integrate the various "product techniques" and "corporate strategy" tools specific to the luxury goods, ready-to-wear and retail markets. In order to become the future manager of a brand, you will learn to identify the target, define the product, develop the market penetration strategy and provide the necessary tools for its implementation, analysis of market research choices. appropriate communication tools. A true technical expertise will allow you to verify that the results obtained are in adequacy with the initial project ...

In this perspective, this sector aims to transmit management tools specific to the fashion and luxury industries, as well as strategic market analysis techniques, in order to make graduates able to assume high-level responsibilities in companies. international vocation.

This Curriculum proposes to give a high specialization in Fashion to complete a first basic training in the business sector. Part of this is through alternating studies with business experience, thus promoting a beneficial immersion in the heart of the market.

Professionals in the fashion and luxury industry are present at all stages of the training, from the design of the curriculum to the recruitment of graduates.


The 3rd year centered on events and DIGITAL communication:

For candidates holding a Bac 2 in commerce, communication or equivalent

To Mode Estah School Mode Estah from the initial cycle

The 4th and 5th year Managerial Cycle:

For candidates holding a 3/4 degree in commerce, communication or equivalent.

This professional certification is accessible through VAE.


The course Manager of Fashion, Design and Luxury is based on 3 years:

3rd year

In a world that is going faster and faster and where digital is becoming increasingly important, business related to events and the image in the fields of design and fashion, are constantly evolving and more and more focused on the digital. It is with this in mind that this step devotes a large space to these sectors, of which the internet is the driving force. Thus, students participate in the realization of a fashion magazine organized by stylists designers, and therefore work on missions related to writing, prospecting and image.The organization of the event of end of School year, the fashion show, one of the pivotal projects of the school is supervised by specialized professionals, Modeling Agency and their models, Videographer, Photographer, Models, Bloggers, Graphic Designer. This event of magnitude, attracts every year many professionals and journalists. This third year also aims to give students all the fundamentals in the major disciplines of marketing and product techniques constituting the world of fashion and design, essential for the fashion market.

4th and 5th years

The Managerial Cycle will allow you to deepen, according to your choice of option, several domains of the Business of the Mode thanks to the acquisition of precise knowledge, which is added to the courses of common core. Significant experience in business as part of alternate studies completes this cycle.

We offer training that optimally covers the Fashion Industry. Each option responds to a professional reality in which you can flourish in the full employment of your duties.


Your integration within this Higher Curriculum is a decisive step in the heart of working life ...

During the 3rd year, the end of study internship is a first immersion challenge in the professional world of Fashion. It is most often abroad for French students, or in France for foreign students. We privilege for the first part of this course a significant international opening, key factor of a future success in a globalized world in perpetual evolution ...

The Managerial Cycle takes place alternately, preferably within the same company, for which you will become an indispensable element! Used as a teaching resource, the alternation allows you to combine both the teaching of fashion and its implementation in the company. This immersion is not only a rewarding experience but a real plus in the job market where the acquisition of professional skills is paramount. Many of our partners who, excited by the efficiency of our students during their training, offer them a permanent job at the end of it! A strong personal implication is required, which, combined with our pedagogy, will transform you ...

In your search for a host company, you benefit from the important panel of Fashion Brands with whom we have been working hand in hand since 1990


Manager and "Understand" the main distribution channels and types of businesses, their structure and the general operation of fashion companies.

Manager and "Transmit" management tools, marketing and communication specific to the fashion trades.

Manager and "be proactive" to bring a versatile knowledge of the product chain from design to distribution.

To manage and "promote" the cooperation in transverse with the personalities of the world of fashion which by their notoriety and because of their success, contribute to the knowledge and the understanding of the dynamic sectors of the various markets.


3rd year





Common Core

General Culture - Creation - Design - Marketing - Communication - Textiles - PA

4th year

(60 Uc)




Institutions Community Law

Europe History

Major Political Issues Europe's Economy


Fluent English

English fashion


Fashion - Trends - Image


International market

Communication - Design - Production - Sourcing

Business Plan

5th year

(60 UA)


Fluent English

English fashion


Practice of international affairs

Global Luxury Market - Management

Humanities - Production Management



Evaluations: They punctuate the whole year of the training.

Oral exams:

At the end of the 3rd year, the students present their internship report before a professional jury.

At the end of the Managerial Cycle , an oral exam determines the obtaining of the Level I Title. It deals with new design and communication technologies. Creation of an entity (own brand, project development, etc.).


Duration of studies: The entire course lasts 3 years.

3rd year: Initial training from October to the end of February and end-of-studies internship from March to September.

Managerial cycle: 2 years of alternating studies in alternating internship agreement or Professionalization contract.


The title Manager of Fashion, Design and Luxury Level I- code NSF 240 is registered at the RNCP

Order published in the Official Journal of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment on 04/10/2016

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