Master of European Urban Studies (EU)


Program Description

Master of European Urban Studies (EUS)

The Master Programme "European Urban Studies" (EUS) addresses current challenges of cities in Europe. It is motivated by the general insight in the significance of cities for progress in Europe. Cities are the place for concrete solutions for problems from all fields of everyday life and the place for sustaining democracy. The EUS programme therefore pays special attention to questions of social cohesion, urban housing, cultural diversity, sustainable planning and mobility. It works with an understanding of urban planning that combines competences from the disciplines of urban planning, urban sociology, urban design, landscape and spatial planning. It provides a transdisciplinary and comprehensive approach for studying the development of European cities.

The curriculum of the first two semesters is a combination of thematic and theoretically oriented seminars and lectures, a language course, a research training and a study project, which altogether will prepare students gradually for the research project in the third semester and the writing of their Master thesis in the fourth semester. Modules such as European Cities, Urban Sociology and Urban and Landscape Planning will make students familiar with different theoretical and thematic points of view and enable them to develop their individual interests in the field of urban studies. In two seminars special attention will be paid to research methodology, strategies and design culminating in an individual research exposé. The preparation of the research proposal will be also supported by the study project in the second semester. This comparative project with an integrated research training will be conducted in cooperation with a European partner university. Within the study project an exemplary research process will be carried out. Students will learn how to plan, organize and carry out a research project, ranging from the development of a research question to the documentation and presentation of a research project.

Central to the study programme is the research project in Europe. The topic of the project is developed by the student him/herself during the first two semesters. It will be carried out under the guidance of the professors in the appropriate area of studies during the third semester at a partner university or research institute abroad. The research project abroad will be accompanied by a virtual project supervision seminar. The semester abroad offers very good opportunities to conduct research in a new environment and to build international networks. The result of the research project will be presented in a colloquium and in the form of a research article or report. Furthermore, the results of the case-study can contribute to the Master thesis and later on also serve as a preparation for a PhD.


The Master Programme "European Urban Studies" is aiming at the education of researchers in the field of urban studies. It will provide knowledge and academic skills to analyse, research and plan for students who want to start a professional career in urban planning, research and academic institutions and the wider field of civil society. The teaching programme intends to prepare for self-organized research projects and thereby for further studies (PhD), also.

Target group

Graduates of architecture, landscape planning, regional/spatial planning, geography, social, political and cultural science, European studies and all related disciplines


  • Internationality (lectures and seminars in English; worldwide research contacts)

  • Interdisciplinarity (integration of urban planning, urban design, urban sociology, spatial planning, landscape planning)

  • Research-oriented


Four semesters, the third of which is a semester abroad (research projects)


Master of Science (M. Sc.)

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