Program Description

The Master of Engineering (MEng) degree offered at the University of Windsor is a coursework professional program open to students who satisfy the admission requirements. The MEng Program takes three to five semesters to complete but is structured in such a way that it may be completed in one year by a full-time student. The minimum period of full-time registration for the MEng degree is three semesters and the maximum allowable time is five semesters. For part-time students, the minimum period of registration for the MEng degree is six semesters and the maximum allowable time is fifteen consecutive semesters. Practical work-experience placements (paid and unpaid) may be available for full-time students only, but cannot be guaranteed.

MEng Program Information

In order to graduate with an MEng degree, a student must successfully complete eight graduate-level courses, including five from their area of specialization plus one more engineering course (from any department) and no more than two non-engineering courses. Alternatively, a student may choose to complete all eight courses within their area of specialization.

MEng degrees are available in:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical-Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Schemes of Study

The Master of Engineering may be taken by full-time students or those who wish to study on a part-time basis while remaining in full-time employment external to the University. All applicants for the MEng program are expected to be entirely self-funded and no financial assistance will be provided by the Faculty of Engineering or the University of Windsor. International students are admitted as full-time students only.

Full-Time Students will be:

  • required to register for a maximum of three courses per semester,
  • required to register for a minimum of two courses per semester,
  • expected to complete all degree requirements within 5 academic semesters.

Part-Time Students will be:

  • required to register for a maximum of admissible two courses per semester,
  • required to complete all degree requirements within 15 academic semesters and should not have more than two semesters of continuous "inactive" status.

Admission Requirements

The Department should approve the application and in addition, MEng applicants shall be recommended for admission by the Faculty of Engineering Coordinator. Official admission to any program of graduate studies is in the form of a "Letter of Acceptance" issued by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please note that the following are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission.

  • Undergraduate degree (BASc / B.Sc. / B.Eng. degree or equivalent*) with at least 73% average over the last two years. International applicants are advised to refer to the specified minimum admission requirements, listed by country, at the Faculty of Engineering’s Professional and Graduate Studies (FEPGS) website and the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

*Candidates with degrees in such areas as Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science will also be considered. Students whose undergraduate degree programs do not provide them with sufficient background in Design, Applied Science and Professional/Technical communications are required to enter a qualifying program of courses at the undergraduate level before admission to candidature for the MEng degree. Students entering and successfully completing the MEng qualifying program may receive an Advanced Certificate in Engineering.

  • A candidate who has not fulfilled the minimum requirement of 73% average may be admitted to the MEng Program as a probationary student** provided that he/she has either:

at least 2 years of industrial or engineering experience following graduation


achieved at least 77% overall standing in the Final Year of the graduation.

**Such candidates will be required to achieve a grade of at least 73% in the first two MEng courses to be regularized in the MEng Program.

  • The language of instruction for the MEng courses is English. Applicants will be required to provide certification of English language proficiency if he or she has:

not completed three or more years of post-secondary work at a Canadian institution or at an institution at which English was the primary language of instruction***,

*** Countries in which English is the Official Language of Instruction, as recognized by the Faculty of Engineering are listed on the Faculty of Engineering’s FEPGS website and the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. English Language proficiency may be met by the language coursework at the secondary school level in the countries listed on the FEPGS website.


not been employed for a similar period of time in a position in which English was the primary language of business.

  • Where applicable a student’s certification of English language proficiency can be demonstrated by a minimum score set by the department. For minimum requirements in other equivalent exams, information is available in the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Graduate Studies reserve the right to require further demonstration of English Language proficiency.
  • The Department may consider for admission to its degree programs students from outside Canada who have excellent academic preparation, but who do not meet the usual standards of English language proficiency. Successful completion of the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) will be considered as a means to gain admission to the Department for such students.

Students who do not meet the academic requirements outlined above may be considered for admission to a transitional, probationary or qualifying program depending on their academic background.

Students seeking admission to the Department’s MEng programs must also complete the Department’s Graduate Student Information Form and the Faculty of Graduate Studies Admission Reference form.

Program Requirements

An MEng Degree may be awarded upon successful completion of a total of 8 courses (the MEng has no research component/thesis/work with a faculty supervisor). Of these 8 courses:

  • 5 to 8 must be from the student's department (major; electrical, electrical-computer, mechanical, materials, industrial, environmental, civil),
  • 0 to 3 may be from another engineering department,
  • 0 to 2 may be from a department outside of engineering,
  • Co-op work experience is optional.
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