Master of Engineering in Water Technology


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Program Description

Sustainable Water Technology – Our Goal for the Future

Water Technology is one key point of Environmental Engineering and therefore a key part of our future. Due to environmental pollution, climate change or our increasing world population, challenges in water-related topics as water supply are increasing. The Master’s program Water Technology focuses on these topics: it covers the problem of climate change mitigation regarding problems as flood protection, technologies as desalination and of course aspects as sustainability and energy will be treated. So, Water Technology includes topics from "Resources oriented sanitation in developing countries" to "Industrial Wastewater Treatment" to "Water as Energy Source".

SRH University Heidelberg – Your Alma Mater

As one of the oldest and largest private universities nationwide, we set standards in the field of education. We impart knowledge that really lets you move ahead – practically, innovatively and creatively. A highly important part of this process is the close cooperation between students and tutors. Our concept for success: We offer new, practical courses of study, individual support and a fast track to the labor market. For our students, this means the best chance of an optimal start in professional life – with a tight network of connections to enterprises and educational institutions worldwide.

School of Engineering and Architecture – Your faculty

Whether in architecture or engineering, the School of Engineering and Architecture offers you an excellent education that is subject-specific: You’ll be ready for take-off in working life, with a unique mix of theoretical basics, field trips, and internships. We place great importance on the issues of energy efficiency and sustainability – so that you can meet future challenges successfully and responsibly.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of the Times

Mastering the future of water technology in a sustainable manner – this is why we conceived the Master‘s course of studies in “Water Technology”. With majors in water quality, water and wastewater treatment, process simulation and management, the course prepares students for work as engineers in a globalized world as the topic of water is everywhere important

Practice-Oriented Studies

Besides providing the necessary specialized knowledge, we focus specifically on preparing you for your career entry right from the very start: in many classes, practice sessions and interdisciplinary projects, you solve practical problems independently as well as in teams. Cooperation with business enterprises or integration in research projects and colloquia enables you to make use of the knowledge and skills you have acquired.


All Facts at a Glance

  • Duration of Study:
    • Graduates of engineering sciences: 3 semester
    • Graduates of engineering sciences: 4 semesters (including internship)
    • Graduates of non-engineering sciences: 4 semesters (including a preliminary course in technical sciences)
  • Start: Summer and winter semester (commencing 1st April and 1st October)
  • Admission Requirements:
    • Grade: 2.5 or better.
    • Proof of English: IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 80 or other proof of English proficiency
  • Features: Full-time study and Course language: English
  • Final Qualification: Master of Engineering, 90 CP, 120 CP with a preliminary course or 120 with internship
  • Tuition Fees:
    • 770 EUR per month
    • One-time registration fee of 750 EUR or 1,000 EUR for applicants from countries with visa obligations.

Core – Our New Study Model

The “CORE-Principle” – Competence Oriented Research and Education – places the acquisition of occupational competence at the center of your studies. This approach goes far beyond the delivery of theoretical knowledge. After your graduation, you will start your career with a great sense of self-confidence. Our students possess everything needed for a successful career: knowledge, competence, expertise and key skills.

The Competence Model

The term occupational competence denotes all the skills that enable you to act independently and successfully in the labor market! Occupational competence can be attained at many levels by acquiring professional competence, methodological competence, self-competence, and social competence

Subject-Oriented 5-Week Blocks

Instead of having to deal with numerous subjects at the same time, you can focus entirely on a maximum of two subjects within one 5-week period.

Activating Teaching and Learning Methods

To ensure that students remember what they are learning, we take a practical approach to teaching, using case studies, seminars, team projects, role-plays and presentations.

Competence-Based Examination Methods

From the profusion of examination methods available we choose the method that best fits the skills taught in a particular module. Scheduling a great number of exams within a short period of time is now a thing of the past thanks to the new program.

Personal Responsibility

Only if you take responsibility for your own actions and how you study, will you be able to excel and take on responsibility in business life – for yourself and for others.

Best Employability

Our graduates are capable of proving themselves in a real business environment after their studies.

Learning Partnership

In their roles as mentors and coaches, the teaching staff assist the students in every way possible, be it subject-specific content, study organization or in personal matters.

Excellent Future Prospects!

Competencies in Demand

Given the ongoing globalization and the increasing world population, there is an increasing need for businesses to fill executive positions at the interface between technology and management with competent people challenging all those water-related topics. But only a few individuals can master the skills required to connect technical know-how with specialized knowledge of international water business management to mitigate climate change. You create your future yourself.

The World is Your Working Environment

After completing your Master‘s degree, you will be able to assess technical projects and take over responsible management tasks. Proficiency in languages and experience in international business contexts round off your flexible profile. With all this, the global water market is wide open to you.

Trend-Setting Knowledge

Innovation and sustainability are important issues that affect our future. To ensure that you are able to deal with these competently and responsibly, we have made them one of the focal points of this course. For example in the module “Water as Energy and Waste to Energy” or in the “Climate Change Mitigation” project, you can use your knowledge to do individual water projects with regard to innovation and sustainability.

Occupy Interfaces

To enable you to do this, the Master‘s program includes lectures on water treatment technologies, process simulation and different management topics as strategic management, risk management, and research methods and applied research. Knowledge like this prepares you very well for your future endeavors.

Master Water Technology (90 CP)

Our academic year is divided into eight 5-week blocks. In each block, two parallel classes at the most may be taken. For the entire duration of studies, these blocks build on each other with regard to content.

Studies begin with a 14-day introductory module. Targeted learning is on offer from day one with a university-wide preparatory phase to acquire basic study skills.

Master Water Technology (90 CP)


Master Water Technology with pre-course (120 CP)

Graduates of non-engineering sciences have to start with a technical preliminary course. They have to pass the preliminary course to enter the regular Master. The duration of the preliminary course is one semester.

Master Water Technology with internship (120 CP)

It is possible to choose the master option with an integrated internship after one year of studies.


Your Path to Our University

The Master's course of studies in “Water Technology” starts twice a year, either in the summer (April 1st) or the winter (October 1st) semester. The preliminary course in Technical Sciences starts in the winter semester. You can apply directly online.

For the application, the following documents are needed:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificate of English skills (TOEFL or similar)
  • Certificate of first academic degree
  • Motivation letter

In the selection procedure, your academic performance, professional experience, and personal admission interview are taken into equal account.


Tuition Fees – Invest in Your Future!

We are a private, officially recognized university. The tuition fees enable us to offer you excellent teaching and an optimal study environment.

Ways of Funding

Besides the classic German BAFöG grant, there are numerous other ways to finance your studies. We can advise you as to which of the following models might be an option for you:

  • BAföG
  • Student loan from the KfW Group (subsidies bank)
  • Student Educational Fund
  • Scholarship programs

Networks & Practice

We cooperate with a wide range of companies and our teaching is practice-oriented. Field trips are provided to support your studies. However, during your studies, you also learn to work scientifically and to incorporate and realize your ideas in projects.

Approved Accreditation

For cars, you have regular, official vehicle inspection procedures. In Germany, the same applies to accreditation for private universities. In 2009, the German Science Council granted the SRH University Heidelberg accreditation as an official institution for another 10 years.

Study Abroad!

Anyone who wants to experience the culture and language of another country should study abroad. A semester or internship abroad considerably increases your chances of success when applying for a job.

We offer options that range from semesters and internships abroad to doctoral studies. Our information events inform students about the opportunities and requirements. At the moment, approximately 30% of our students spend time abroad during their studies.

Become a Maverick – Strength through Association!

Learn to reach beyond frontiers and qualify for interdisciplinary tasks at the School of Engineering and Architecture. New insights arise when researchers and students from different disciplines work together. One of our strengths is that we forge cooperative links across different disciplines.

These groupings make it possible to focus on multidisciplinary research. All graduating students can further their knowledge by enrolling in the following Master‘s programs:

  • Architecture (Master of Arts), German
  • Construction Management (Master of Engineering), German
  • Information Technology (Master of Engineering)
  • International Business and Engineering (Master of Engineering)

In Brief: The Plus for You

Multiple Perspectives

You finish your studies with a „Master of Engineering” degree. This enables you not only to do a doctorate or access the higher grades of the Civil Service – but it also opens up attractive, international and diversified fields of activity.

Quality in Teaching Confirmed

In the interest of consumer protection, Germany also ensures that private education providers guarantee a high scientific standard. This is certified through institutional accreditation of private universities by the German Scientific Council. The Scientific Council institutionally reaccredited the SRH University Heidelberg in 2009. In addition, the SRH University Heidelberg re-accredits all bachelor and master degree programs within the school.

Unique Learning

The contents of the course address the current and future needs of the energy industry.

This is unique in Germany – so stand out from the crowd!

Last updated Dec 2019

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As one of the oldest and largest private universities in Germany, we set the standard for education. We equip you with the knowledge you need for your future – hands-on, innovative and creative. For t ... Read More

As one of the oldest and largest private universities in Germany, we set the standard for education. We equip you with the knowledge you need for your future – hands-on, innovative and creative. For this, close collaboration between our students and faculty is of particular importance. Our recipe for success: we offer new, hands-on degree programs, individual supervision and speedy placement in the job market. For our students, this means the best chances for a jumpstart into their career. Read less