Master of Engineering by Research


Program Description

Building the future through applied science.

Engineering and technology affect every aspect of society. From the smallest devices that permeate our daily lives to the large structures that make up our built environment and the technological systems that connect us all, engineering and technology have a real impact. That’s why it is so important that the underlying research is not just sound but rigorous, and plugged into the real world.

Flinders University’s research in engineering and technology connects the dots between intellectual discovery and its myriad applications and products. Our collaborative research across many disciplines is informed by partnerships with universities, government and industry to ensure our research is thorough and connected to the community, covering a broad range of areas including defense, medicine, and the environment.


The Master of Engineering by Research degree is awarded on the basis of a thesis embodying the results of a research project and any coursework topics or other formal studies undertaken during the candidature which did not constitute more than one-third of the final assessment for the degree.

Course aims

The course has been designed to provide graduates with:

  • a strong foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering
  • an awareness of social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of engineering
  • an ability to critically analyze and evaluate information critically and solve engineering-related problems
  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and a commitment to them
  • the ability to work and interact professionally as an individual and as a member of multi-disciplinary teams
  • an ability to undertake research in engineering
  • an understanding of the need to undertake lifelong learning and the capacity to do so
  • preparation for future management roles.

Graduates at this level will have specialized knowledge and skills for research, and/or professional practice and/or further learning.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of a Master of Engineering by Research degree will have an advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge in one or more disciplines or areas of practice. They will have expert, specialized cognitive and technical skills in a body of knowledge or practice to enable them independently to demonstrate:

  • evidence of an original investigation or testing of ideas
  • competence in independent research or experimentation
  • a thorough understanding of the appropriate techniques in the field demonstrated both by their application and a thorough review of the literature
  • critical use of source material, experimental results (where appropriate), and published works
  • an appreciation of the relationship of the special theme to the wider field of knowledge and
  • the capacity to present well-written work.

Graduates will be able to apply knowledge and skills in a manner that demonstrates autonomy, expert judgment, adaptability, and responsibility as a practitioner or researcher.

Last updated February 2019

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