Master of Electronics & ICT Engineering Technology (Leuven)


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Program Description

This master’s program prepares you for assessing the impact of new technologies and solving difficult problems. You learn to analyze, design, and implement analog and digital electronic systems, information systems and communication systems.

What is the program all about?

The Master of Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology will prepare the student to play a key role in the development of a variety of digital media applications. Ranging from modern consumer products such as GPS positioning, and navigation systems, to smartphones, digital audio, and video devices.

This program will introduce the foundational systems of knowledge and teach the vital skills required for success within this broad field.


This Master’s program is made of two main options:

  • Intelligent Electronics option refers to the combination of hardware and software used to develop and implement embedded systems (cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras). You will learn to consider limitations in the areas of I/O possibilities, memory, speed, and energy consumption.
  • Internet Computing option follows the trend of a broadly distributed approach to developing applications. The advantages of this approach include high reliability, scalability, high performance, easy maintenance, and low cost.

Add an in-company or project-based learning experience to your master's program

You can augment your master's program with the Postgraduate Programme Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering. This program is carried out in a team setting and has a distinct international dimension. Entrepreneurs and students alike are encouraged to innovate, transfer knowledge and grow. It is the cross-fertilization between company and classroom that makes the program unique.

International Group T Leuven Campus

The Faculty of Engineering Technology maintains close ties with universities around the world. At Campus Group T, more than 20% of the engineering students are international students. They represent 65 different nationalities from all over the world. This international network extends not just to Europe, but also to China, Southeast Asia, India, Ethiopia and beyond.

Is this the right program for me?

Do you enjoy looking into how to implement new ideas and improve old ones? Do you prepare abstract designs for implementation in a business environment? Do you aspire to a position of responsibility that allows you to apply knowledge to concrete challenges in the day-to-day operations of a company? Are you eager to develop professional communication and management skills? If so, this is the correct master’s program for you.


This master's program brings students to the advanced level of knowledge and skills that are associated with scientific work in the broad sense, and more particularly to those areas of the engineering sciences that are related to electronics and IT/communications systems. This program offers broad academic training in the analysis, modeling, and design of electronics and IT systems. The Electronics major focuses on the hardware of digital and analog systems. In the IT major, the emphasis is on computer systems, application software, and communication networks.

Degree holders are able to apply the acquired scientific knowledge autonomously and in a broad social context. They possess the necessary organizational skills to hold executive positions.

The program-specific learning outcomes are:

Knowledge and comprehension (MK)

  • MK1 Scientific-disciplinary knowledge and comprehension in the field of Engineering Technology
  • MK2 Gaining in-depth knowledge and comprehension in at least one of the following disciplines in Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology: digital and analog systems, signal processing systems and data communication

Engineering skills (MI)

  • MI1 Problem analysis and solving
  • MI2 Design and/or development
  • MI3 Application-oriented research
  • MI4 Ethical behavior
  • MI5 Entrepreneurship

Practical skills (MP)

  • MP1 To make operational

Generic skills (MG)

  • MG1 Information gathering and processing
  • MG2 Communication with engineers and non-engineers
  • MG3 Critical thinking
  • MG4 Working in a team in different roles
  • MG5 Professionalism

Career Opportunities

On completion of the program, you will be a sought after industrial engineer, with a broad foundation of general skills and technical knowledge. You will be familiar with the world of information processing and prepared to play a role in the development of a variety of digital media applications, from consumer devices to custom stand-alone or networked applications.

Start your career, during your studies

During your bachelor's and master's program you can already shape your own profile by choosing a certain specialization, studying abroad (Erasmus), doing a work placement, or starting your own business.

The Student Career Center is happy to put you on the right track towards your first work experience. The center also coaches you in the search for an interesting job and helps you with job interviews. For students wanting to start their own business KU Leuven also has Lcie, the KU Leuven community that encourages students with innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.

Don’t know where to start? The Student Career Center's databases contain offers for jobs, volunteer work, innovation projects, and student jobs. You can also visit one of the events organized by the Career Center.

Last updated Mar 2020

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KU Leuven is an institution for research and education with international appeal. All programmes at this University are based on the innovative research of its scientists and professors and are ranked ... Read More

KU Leuven is an institution for research and education with international appeal. All programmes at this University are based on the innovative research of its scientists and professors and are ranked among the top 100 in the world. Read less
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