The Master of Education at Virginia International University is designed to prepare future educators for leading roles in a variety of educational and education-related settings by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to excel in an array of education-related positions. VIU's Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree will enable professional educators to work in culturally diverse and technologically immersed environments by empowering students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and scholars.

Graduates from VIU's Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree will be able to successfully apply their understanding of teaching in a variety of educational settings locally, nationally, and globally. Upon graduation from VIU's M.Ed. degree, as educators, they will have the ability to build careers in K-12 settings, post-secondary educational settings, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

VIU's Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree maintains the university's mission of striving to embrace freedom of thought and diverse interpretations of human experiences, aspects that are vital in the field of education and in a global context. Our goal is to graduate students who display and make use of their moral, intellectual, and professional excellence to serve as role models for and educate future generations and make a difference in their communities.

World Class Faculty & Staff

The Master of Education program boasts a history of highly skilled and dedicated faculty and staff who are ready to assist students along their journey through the program. The program's faculty offer expertise in various areas including math, science, and ESOL.

Delivery of the curriculum is only one aspect of the programs at VIU! Come experience the personalized, accessible, engaging, and fun classroom environment!

Program Overview

Benefits of a Master of Education degree from VIU:

  • Gain a solid understanding of teaching principles and practices for secondary education
  • Obtain practical experience through the practicum course
  • Gain experience from teachers with expertise in their content areas
  • Gain practical skills to foster a class/campus culture supportive of various backgrounds and learning styles
  • Learn how to develop a classroom that focuses on student needs and ultimate goals through an outcome-based course and lesson development.

Program Features

Features of the Master of Education program:

  • Faculty with real-world teaching experience
  • A solid field-based curriculum built with feedback from employers
  • Receive a world-class education in an engaging and supportive learning environment
  • Improve upon teaching abilities and qualifications
  • Faculty are available outside of the classroom for assistance
  • Program can be completed with courses taken online and on-ground
  • Dedicated program administrators for every student

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program does not require any previous coursework in education. A bachelor's degree or equivalent in any field and evidence of sufficient English language proficiency are required for admission. Candidates are also required to submit a minimum of one official recommendation, an academic statement of purpose, and a résumé or curriculum vitae.


Virginia International University is an accredited institution of higher learning holding national accreditation through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and is certified to operate by the Virginia State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). Additional information on accreditation can be found in the Accreditation and Certifications section of the academic catalog.

Program Outcomes

In working to achieve the mission of the program and those of the School of Education, the following outcomes will be achieved:

  1. Develop learner environments reflective of best practices for teaching and learning utilizing effective technology reflective of the modern classroom, and create optimal student achievement opportunities through culturally responsive pedagogy.
  2. Serve as independent researchers with the ability to conduct action research as well as assess and implement best practices associated with effective pedagogical practices for secondary learners.
  3. Effectively collaborate with others as well as lead the collaborative process for the purpose of better meeting the needs of their student populations and the communities in which they serve.
  4. Serve as leaders in developing and designing teaching and learning opportunities which are effective and generate learner motivation and academic success.
  5. Foster teaching and learning environments that are respectful and inclusive as well as reflective of the needs, feelings, and cultural values of the student population and communities they are serving.
  6. Develop, design, and implement assessment and evaluation strategies which are authentic and sensitive to student characteristics such as their cognitive abilities, cultural values, and academic abilities.

Degree Requirements

The School of Education at VIU is designed to prepare future educators for leading roles in the growing field of education. Graduates from the M.Ed. programs will be able to effectively address challenges and possibilities in their roles as successful teachers, educators, and leaders of their communities worldwide. The Master of Education degree at VIU can be completed in two academic years.

Program of Study: Total 40 semester credit hours, 12 courses. 30 credit hours (9 courses) of core courses, 6 credit hours (2 courses) of content area concentration courses, and 3 credit hours (1 course) of specialization area courses make up the M.Ed. degree.

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree requires the completion of a capstone project, Educational Action Research Project/Portfolio, within the subject area. This portfolio or research project is worth six (6) credit hours of the core courses and is conducted in conjunction with the Education Capstone Experience (EDUC 600). To qualify for the M.Ed. Degree, students must meet all credit requirements, as described below:

  1. Students enrolled in the graduate program must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (B), out of 4.0, and a minimum of grade not less than 2.0 (C), out of 4.0, in all courses to qualify for the M.Ed. Degree to remain in good academic standing and to graduate. The maximum time frame permitted for the completion of any graduate program is 54 semester credits.
  2. Only graduate-level courses may be applied toward the degree. A master's student may transfer up to 12 semester hours of graduate credit earned at other accredited institutions.
  3. Beyond the prerequisites, the student must have completed 39 credit hours, consisting of 30 credit hours of required core courses, 6 content area credit hours and 3 credit hours of specialization area courses.
  4. No degree credit is earned by a graduate student for any grade below 2.0 (C), out of 4.0, received in a graduate-level course. However, any grades lower than 2.0 (C), out of 4.0, will be calculated in the grade point average.

The Master of Education Degree consists of nine (9) core courses, two (2) content area courses, and one (1) specialization area course, offered in both the online and residential formats.


  • M.Ed. with a concentration in ESOL Education
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Mathematics Education
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Science Education
Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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