The Master's program in Education with mention in Teaching and University Research, is adequate to the requirements of the new university law, and responds to the objectives of the national education system in its different levels and modalities.

The structure of this program, as a whole, is characterized by its extraordinary flexibility due to the fact that it is coherently integrated within the integral curricular conception, without losing sight of the levels of academic and scientific requirements, incorporating the study and the study in a sequential and progressive manner. application of the scientific research method transversally in all subjects.

Graduate profile

The Master in Education, with a mention in Teaching and University Research has the following competences:

  • It uses the theoretical approaches and the practical applications of the psychology of learning and the neurosciences in the design and development of the teaching-learning process at the university level.
  • Participates effectively in processes of design, revision and modification of the university curriculum, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • He participates in university teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and continuous education, for which he creatively develops new teaching-learning procedures.
  • Selects and designs teaching materials that support the teaching-learning process in their specialty.
  • Select, design and apply the appropriate learning assessment procedures and instruments, to assess the achievement of the objectives of your subject and obtain the necessary feedback for the improvement of the learning process.
  • Design and execute research projects aimed at perfecting the teaching-learning process in which it participates.
  • He participates efficiently in the management of areas, projects or academic programs under his charge, contributing to the institutional improvement.


The master's degree is developed with a total of 48 credits, in two academic semesters.

Academic degree

To obtain the Master's degree, you must:

  • Having obtained a bachelor's degree.
  • Have passed the studies of the master's degree with a minimum duration of two (2) academic semesters and a minimum content of forty-eight (48) credits.
  • Prepare and sustain a thesis or research work framed in the object of study of the master's degree.
  • Domain, at the basic level, of one (01) foreign language or native language.


For registration it is required:

  1. Payment receipt for registration fee canceled
  2. Application in a valued form, addressed to the Director of the Institute for the Quality of Education (cost of 3 soles, approaching the treasury).
  3. Copy of the legalized DNI notarially.
  4. Certified or legalized copy of the Academic Bachelor's Degree. Applicants with studies carried out abroad, will present a legalized copy of their Baccalaureate or its equivalent duly validated by a Peruvian university or recognized according to law.
  5. Curriculum Vitae structured and foliated.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
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Mar 2020
2 semesters
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Start Date
Mar 2020
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Mar 2020

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